From the Publisher: Drawn to the Land: The Romance of Farming takes readers on a spellbinding tour of upstate New York and its farming community. The reader learns about raising chickens, building silos, and growing potatoes from conversations with the people who remain devoted to the natural world in an increasingly urban age. A follow-up to Upstate New York: Towns That We Love, this volume tells the story of the dedication and passion that mark every sustainable homestead, and celebrates rural upstate New York’s unique culture, conveying the richness of both its soil and its traditions.

About the Authors: ELIZABETH AND BARTON COCKEY live in Maryland and love to visit upstate New York. Barton is a diagnostic radiologist who earned his medical degrees at Johns Hopkins University. Elizabeth holds degrees in art and psychology, as well as a master’s in art therapy. The couple’s first book together, Upstate New York: Towns That We Love, chronicled the history and beauty of six towns in the region.

My Review:  This is a lovely book.  The text and paintings are perfectly matched.  Soft and lyrical. Cows, sheep, farm buildings, and fall foliage, grace the pages, along with locations,  information and the behind that artwork.
A true tribute to those that till and treasure farming and farm land. I’m
Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists sent me a copy of this book to review.


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