Easy Ways To Winter-Proof Your House

This has been one of the most challenging years we’ve ever had, so with winter swiftly making an entrance, you want to make sure that your home is as ready as possible for the onslaught of the weather on top of everything else!

Getting your home ready or the colder months isn’t difficult to do, but it’s time-consuming and it can be a pain to try and prepare your house when you’re busy with everything else. The other issue is that while you’re getting your home ready, you may notice things that need redecorating or replacing. For example, your windows may be the first place you look to get your home winter-proofed, but they may need replacement and finding top-rated replacement windows with 0% financing on approved credit isn’t always simple! So, you need to work on ways you can get your home ready for winter without breaking the bank, and we’ve got some of the easiest ways to do it!

Easy Ways To Winter-Proof Your House

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  • Start closing your curtains in the early evening. The moment the sun goes down, keep the heat in with the curtains closed. If you have thinner curtains, it’s time to dig out your old sewing machine and line the curtains. Thicker material will make them far more effective. Keep blinds and shutters open through the day along with curtains, and you will feel far warmer.
  • When you are in the house, shut the doors of all the rooms that you don’t use and turn off the heating to save money. Those rooms will keep the heat in during the day and then you end up with a toasty bedroom in the evening. 
  • Make and add draught excluders for the bottoms of the doors. You can make them easily with a draught excluder tutorial on YouTube. The more you stop the draughts from filtering out under the door, the warmer your house will be.
  • In the same fashion you would seal the gap under the door, do the same with the windows. Windows can easily leak warm air out of the home, and you need to look for open keyholes, letterboxes and cat flaps to be covered up, too.
  • Where you have air vents in the home, keep them open. Any blocked and covered air vents can stop the filtering of carbon monoxide and you could inadvertently kill the family! Keep the vents open and this is especially important in any rooms with gas appliances.
  • Look at the baseboards and the flooring and seal all the possible gaps there. You need to use a silicone-based filler to fill the gaps so that you can stop the hot air leaking through the floorboards. Carpets and rugs can help you to cover these gaps, too!
  • Bleed your radiators ready for the winter months. These will keep your home warm, but they will only work if you improve their efficiency.

Take the time to winter-proof your home, and you’ll be able to feel as comfortable as possible this winter season.

Easy Ways To Winter-Proof Your House

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2 thoughts on “Easy Ways To Winter-Proof Your House

  1. Thank you so much for this! Our electric bill is insane every winter!!! Its also insane that it isn’t even warm like I wish it to be! Thank you!

  2. With the kids being on 100% virtual learning, there is so much more electricity being used. With the temps starting to fall, I really need to do all I can to preserve energy.These are helpful tips and I will be using some of them.

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