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ENDORSE = Money back in YOUR pocket

You shop –  right?
You get receipts when you shop – right?
You usually shop at the same places,
and often purchase the same things…
So why not get paid back to endorse! 
the places where you shop and the things that you buy?
It’s sooooooo EASY – seriously.

You just sign up (takes about 20 seconds), 
and use the endorse! app on Facebook.
You list and endorse! the places that you shop
and the items that you buy.
It takes a few minutes to do this, but once
you’ve chosen what you want to endorse!
it’s as simple as scanning your receipts.

endorse! will send you pre-paid envelopes
that are coded specifically for you.
You simply put your receipts into the envelope
and put them in the mail.
That’s it!
No circling items, filling out forms, adding up totals.
Your receipts are scanned by endorse! and matched up
with your account.
You get a percentage of your purchases back.

Now, here’s where it gets even better…
Get your friends to endorse! the same stores and 
products and you get even more money back!

A few of the stores and products that I endorse!:

If you shop or purchase any of the items above
I would so appreciate you clicking on them
and endorsing them along with me!
You save money and I save money.

For answers to FAQ you can go HERE.

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