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 I know that Halloween isn’t even here yet, but it really isn’t too early to be thinking about holiday cards, so I’m thrilled to be able to offer this fantastic

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I have a $100 Erin Condren Gift Code for 2 winners. – Gift Codes are for the purchase of Holiday Cards, only.

By now, you should all know that I am a HUGE Erin Condren Fan.  I’ve got planners, and oodles of accessories.  I love to send out Christmas Cards, so this is a match made in heaven.  First I want to tell you that this isn’t an actual review post – that will be coming later on.  It takes a bit to get custom cards printed and mailed out, and I didn’t want for you all to miss the great special that is going on this month.30% off orders for holiday cards!

  Use the code BEJOLLY30 at checkout by October 31st, 11:59 PM PST

So, today is a highlight of what Erin Condren has to offer, along with a giveaway.  When my cards arrive, I’ll be sure to post again. Fair Enough?

There are so many styles to choose from – Foil, Classic, Post Cards and Non-Photo Cards

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find.

Double – Thick FOIL


Premium Cardstock Classic


Post Cards


Non-Photo Cards


I know – they’re all so great – it’s really really hard to choose!

But don’t worry – if you have any questions – Erin Condren has fabulous customer service!

I love those crazy fun family photos where everyone is wearing silly Christmas sweaters.  And who doesn’t just adore a dog with reindeer antlers.  so many decisions…maybe a non-photo card?  Cards for family and friends, or cards for business.  The options are endless.

So tell me, do you send holiday cards each year?  If so, do you include photos.  If you include photos are they classic, whimsical or just down right funny? Or how about a newsletter?  Do you purchase them from a store or make them yourself.  I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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Good luck everyone!

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Erin Condren Gift Code Giveaway – 2 Winners – $100 Each for Holiday Cards!

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92 thoughts on “Erin Condren Gift Code Giveaway – 2 Winners – $100 Each for Holiday Cards!

  1. I love the Waves card! This is our last year living in HI so I’d love to get these cards as a last cute Christmas card with a tropical theme!!

  2. I have never sent out xmas cards because it has always seemed like such an added stress at an already stressful time of the year. I even tell my friends not to worry about it if it is a stress to them. But, as I get older and more into cardmaking I think I might. Everyone loves snail mail, right?

  3. The past few years, I’ve ordered Christmas cards cards from Tiny Prints. This year we are actually getting a picture taken for Christmas cards!

  4. My favorite is the holiday 2014 -premium cardstock -poinsettia -collage because it has a nice message and I like putting individual pictures of the kids as well as a group picture.

  5. holiday 2014 -foil -gold -fleur feliz – A7 vertical – chocolate love the foil and the thickness of it. It’s different and has a place for a photo

  6. I don’t always send cards but I love to make photo cards. I like to include good looking individual photos along with some silly family photos. Love EC products. I’m hoping to get a teacher planner and address book next.

  7. I really love all of her designs!
    I try to send Christmas cards every year. If they can’t be hand stamped cards, I will settle for store bought cards. No holiday letter, but I try to include a photo if we have them.

  8. I love the fleur Felix vertical cards in red. I usually like to hand make my cards for Christmas, but it would be nice to switch it up this year!

  9. I send cards every year. I always order online – always with a picture of my family. I can usually find a good deal somewhere, so I don’t use the same company every year.

  10. I lover holiday cards and usually send them to people we don’t see regularly. I used to send pictures when my daughter was young, but have gotten out of the habit now that she is older. I usually gravitate to classic design and really like Erin’s foil designs.

    1. And yes, I always include a classic photo. I always purchase them online. The postcard was nice because I could include a short newsletter update, but usually I don’t.

  11. I love the sequins holiday card. That would be the one that I would pick! Love all the colors and the fact that it is not just Christmas colors as I have friends who are of a different religion.

  12. I like the Foil SIlver Paisley in Pool. I think it looks elegant and classy but still festive enough for the holiday season. Plus, who doesn’t like sparkley stuff? 🙂

  13. I really love the holiday 2014 -premium cardstock -mod morocco – A7 full frame – christmas! It’s just so festive and pretty! I love the colors and the design!

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