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Hallmark…Memory Keeping at it’s Finest

I received a product from Hallmark for the purpose of this review.

All opinions stated are mine and mine alone.  Your experiences may be different.

As a wife, mother and grandmother, memory keeping is near and dear to my heart and Hallmark to me…


Hallmark Logo

Speaking of grandchildren, I have a few (snicker – 23) and we just got to meet two of the newest, a few weeks ago.  The baby’s  room is done in a animal theme in muted grays, blues and pale yellow,  so the  exquisite Noah’s Ark Ceramic Bank with Sound, was a perfect fit.. It is absolutely beautiful, just like my grandson!

Noah’s Ark Ceramic Bank Keepsake from Hallmark

This extremely sturdy ceramic bank is fun and functional. There is a slot at top top and each time you drop in a coin, you hear the sounds of the different animals that resided on Noah’s Ark. There is a rubber “stopper” on the bottom for easy money removal.  It measures 8′ wide by 8 ” high and 4 an 1.4″ in depth.  I would be proud to give this to anyone, and feel quite sure that it would be treasured for a life time.

Memory Keeping with Hallmark
Drop in a coin and hear the animals! Noah’s Ark Ceramic Bank

I’m a long time Hallmark fan.  I’ve spent many an hour searching through greeting cards for every occasion, finding the perfect Christmas ornament, stocking up on wrapping paper and bows, and of course purchasing beautiful items for myself and for others. I don’t know if you think of Hallmark as anything but a card shop, but it is so much more.l You can find gifts galore and fantastic home decor.  From Elegant to whimsical and just about everything in between.

Hallmar Ceramic Noah's Ark Bank
Noah’s Ark Ceramic Bank Keepsake

I’m proud and delighted, and feel it an honor to be a blogger from Hallmark.

They have graciously made it possible for one of my readers to win their very own Noah’s Ark Ceramic Bank.

Hallmark Memory Keeping Noah's Ark Ceramic Bank
Fun and Functional – Noah’s Ark Ceramic Bank 

3 thoughts on “Hallmark…Memory Keeping at it’s Finest

  • Aw, the Noah’s Ark Bank is adorable. With 23 grandkids, I’m guessing you stay busy at Christmas!

  • That bank is really lovely! I’d like to get it for my little nephew!


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