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The What Sack?… No, The NutSac!

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received a Rucksac from NutSac. No monetary compensation was exchanged.  All OPINIONS expressed are those of the author.

So what’s a NutSac?  Glad you asked, as I’ll be happy to tell you.  NutSac is a brand of wonderfully made full-grain leather and waxed canvas bags…



Man Bags



The What Sack?... No, The Nutsac!


The What Sack?... No, The Nutsac!
Top – Duffel in Black / Middle – Sac Daddy in Tan / Bottom Left – Doppsac in Tan / Bottom Right – Rucksac in Gray

Each piece is beautiful in it’s rusticness and simplicity. Made to stand up to today’s busy guy (or gal’s) crazy schedule, and Made in the U S of A with a lifetime guarantee…something you don’t see all that often anymore!.

About Nutsac

NutSac was named because the founders were told they were nuts to manufacture in America and compete against cheap, outsourced products. Instead of running away from an American-made product, we doubled-down and trusted customers would value our commitment to fair business practices and making an exceptional product.

The What Sack?... No, The Nutsac!

We’ve heard that some unscrupulous people make rude double-entendres on our name, but we disavow all such behavior.


In 2015, after years of manufacturing bags for disc golf, we saw an opportunity to enter the men’s bag market with well-made, well-designed, everyday bags. After lamenting about the issue of chronically stuffed pockets in our own lives, we went on a search for a bag for our keys, wallet, phone, iPad, and the rest of our everyday essentials. There just wasn’t a bag on the market that suited our needs. Bags were either too cheap, designed poorly, aesthetically displeasing, or too big and bulky.

The What Sack?... No, The Nutsac!

We recognized an opportunity in the men’s bag market and set out to make the perfect everyday bag.

Rugged, yet sophisticated, practical, good looking, lifetime guarantee, and made right here in the United States – you can’t ask for any better than that.  Head on over to NutSac today, and take a look around, at all they have to offer.  A bag from Nutsac would make an awesome gift for dad..and one that he will treasure for a lifetime!

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4 thoughts on “The What Sack?… No, The NutSac!

  • My husband would really enjoy these bags. It would make a great Father’s Day gift. I will check them out. I love that they are made in America, and the name is awesome.

  • I like the distressed look of these bags. They look rugged and masculine.

  • Not only are they great looking, but ‘lifetime guarantee’ says it all….they believe in their product and it is all the reason i need to believe in them too.

  • This would make an awesome gift!


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