Make Dad King Every Day With Squatty Potty

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Dad can be king every time he sits upon his throne…when he has a Squatty Potty at his disposal.  Oh, I love a good pun!

We’ve had a Squatty Potty in more than one bathroom in our home, for a number of years.  Everyone who has used one has said “whao, this is a game changer”!  What the heck is a Squatty Potty?  So glad you asked.  Honestly, I don’t even know why I should even bother to put much into my own words. Squatty Potty has, in my humble opinion, THE BEST ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN TO EVER HIT THE INTERNET! These people are sensational.  Their products, and their advertising, is phenomenal.  Just watch this YouTube video.  You’ll be laughing so hard you’ll have tears running down your legs…so watch while on the toilet!

But in ALL SERIOUSNESS – because Squatty Potty is all about your health – REALLY!

About Squatty Potty®

Squatty Potty® is the original toilet stool made in the U.S.A. by people who care, for people who want a healthier life. Keep Calm and Squat On!

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And besides helping you with a better poop, Squatty Potty takes the look of your bathroom, your olfactory nerves, and your cleaning / plumbing needs into consideration.  They offer a plethora of Squatty Potty styles to choose from along with Toilet Sprays, Kids Stools, and Bathroom Accessories.


OK – so we’ve all had a good laugh, and that’s great, but to get down to the nitty gritty, the Squatty Potty is the real deal. Using one will help you, your dad, your kids, your spouse, your parents and grandparents…even your crotchety next door neighbor (who might not be so crotchety any more if he/she had a Squatty Potty), have a better poop, which means you’ll have a better day and better night AND BETTER LIFE. Head on over to their website.  Find the perfect Squatty Potty for your dad, and grab one for yourself tool. Happy Pooping!

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Squatty Potty: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter

PS – I think I have the hots for the Squatty Potty Prince, but don’t tell my husband!

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