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Tips For Getting Ready For Guests When You Have Pets

The race is on! You have company on the way and your house is a mess. The sink is full of dishes, you haven’t vacuumed in a week, and there’s pet hair everywhere. Don’t panic! For as much time as you have to get ready, you are about to become an efficient, multi-tasking cleaning machine.

Here’s a quick checklist for getting ready for guests, to make your home presentable in no time flat.

Keep Your Hands Full

No matter what you are doing or which room you are in, keep your hands moving and carrying something back to where it belongs. You’ll maximize your efficiency by keeping moving with full hands.

Start at the Front Door

Walk out your front door and take a look. It will be their first impression. Does it look clean and tidy? Or, have you not looked at it for awhile. You know what needs to be done. And, don’t forget to shake off the welcome mat. It’s always a nice touch.

Tips For Getting Ready For Guests When You Have Pets

Walk Inside and Go!


Time is of the essence. Your goal is to give the overall appearance of clean. Think about the areas inside of your home that your guests will see, and focus on them first. Grab some disinfecting wipes or a bottle of multi-purpose spray cleaner and a good cleaning cloth or sponge, and go!

Tips For Getting Ready For Guests When You Have Pets

  • Attack the kitchen! Get all of the dishes in the dishwasher. If there are too many, stuff them into the oven. Just don’t forget about them. Start in one corner of the room and spray and clean counters and cabinets. Don’t worry about the floor. You’ll be attacking that later.
  • Hit the bathroom. Just spray your cleaner on everything and use paper towels to get a quick, clean look.
  • It’s time for the rest of the house. Again, focusing on the areas where your guests will be, attack and declutter. The damp cleaning cloth is great for getting pet hair off of upholstery.

Now, the FloorsTips For Getting Ready For Guests When You Have Pets

Do them all at once. If you have the right vacuum cleaner you can use it everywhere: carpets, hardwoods, wherever. You can even grab a couple of walls and ceiling corners as you go. And, a quick, damp mop might be all you need to make the hard floors look great. That same damp mop is also great for picking up animal hair.

A Few Extra Tips

  • Fresh trash bags in every can add a lot to the whole clean-feel.
  • A little extra shine on sinks goes a long way.
  • Air fresheners can be a big help, especially for pet odors.
  • Fresh sheets are a must, especially if they are for overnight guests.
  • If you have a room that you know your guests won’t see, you could use it to hide a lot of clutter while you’re cleaning.
  • The laundry room is a great hiding spot. Just grab some baskets, fill them up, and hide them. No one will be the wiser.

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