The “Root” Cause: Why Do Your Teeth Hurt?

It can be one of the few things we have intact as we get older; a gleaming smile can tell someone just how much we look after ourselves. But, we are all prone to health issues from time to time. And when our teeth hurt, it can be one of the most painful things that we ever go through. It will certainly stop you in your tracks, or at the very least, be a major annoyance taking your attention away from the important things. But, with this in mind, what are the causes of tooth pain, and what can be done to minimize it?

The “Root” Cause: Why Do Your Teeth Hurt?

Determining The Type Of Pain

This will provide clues as to what the issue may be. You may have sudden or sharp pain in your teeth after exertion, or you may be sensitive to temperature changes, such as after drinking very hot or very cold liquids. You could have intense pain that leads to some swelling, or there could be a persistent and dull ache. Discover the type of pain, and it could provide clues. If you need dental help, be sure to visit

Uncommon Teeth Issues

There are the more common ones, like tooth decay, old dental work, or even gum disease, but there are others that you need to consider as well. A tooth abscess that is caused by bacterial infections may be the culprit; or pulpitis, where the nerves and vessels getting flames’ or there could be a type of temporomandibular disorder. With specialized issues like this, it’s important that you go to a professional to eliminate these. Places like Ortho Select can undertake a thorough examination of your teeth by scanning them, giving you a better indication of the root cause.

The Moral Of The Story

When we think we look after our teeth, but we start to have aches and pains, this certainly highlights bad habits. It could be very well to do with our diet, and as such, we think that we are overcompensating by brushing our teeth more rigorously. When, in fact, if we brush our teeth with too much force, this takes away the enamel. This is something that’s very common with electric toothbrushes. If you’re someone that hasn’t needed to go to the dentist for a long time, you may very well be out of practice in terms of the good habits. Pardon the pun, but it never hurts to brush up on basic dental hygiene. But if you’re someone who has a very diverse diet, this may very well be one of the reasons you’ve got bad teeth. Of course, there are foods that stain, like red wine or tea, but also, you need to see if your teeth pain is due to an underlying health condition. If you’re not able to ascertain why there’s a problem, or you have jaw pain, this could very well be a sign of heart disease. Jaw pain can be mistaken for tooth pain, but this may represent a condition like a heart attack or angina.

Your teeth are trying to tell you something, listen to them and get to the root cause!


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