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Essential Repairs For Your Home This Winter

If you are keen to get your home fit for winter, you should consider the structural and interior repairs that your humble abode needs. In the summer, your pad may be perfect – it remains cool, the double glazing is intact, and your garden is a haven of tranquility, perfect for growing vegetables and hosting a range of soirees. The winter brings with it a whole host of different challenges such as extreme climate, weather conditions, and damp. Take a look at these simple repairs that you can undertake to get your home ready for the winter season.

Essential Repairs For Your Home This Winter

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The roof of your property needs to be structurally sound to ensure that you don’t spend too much money on your heating bills and to provide a watertight structure for your home. You need to get up a ladder and ensure that all of your roof tiles are intact. Any cracks need fixing, slipped roof tiles need replacing, and any bowing needs further investigation. A bowing roof could mean that rainwater has settled leading to damp and mold in the interior. Poor flashing seals could also mean that leaks start developing in your bedrooms. Get the flashing and roof tiles inspected prior to the cold snap really setting in. The chances are that these repairs will be a very cheap and quick fix.


Your boiler is the engine of your humble abode. Without it, you have no heating, hot water, or gas. If you also have a heating and air conditioning system, you need to get it serviced annually just before winter. Don’t wait for it to encounter a problem, and instead, go for the preventative check-ups. 

Your boiler should be firing on all cylinders and also requires a service every year. Ask the specialist to teach you how to increase the pressure manually if it runs low. If you have pipework on the exterior of your pad, it’s crucial that you run the heating for short periods when it gets cold. Frozen pipes can easily burst resulting in gas leaks and costly repairs. If you have a thermostat, keep it at a constant temperature and allow the boiler to automate itself.


If your property is feeling cooler than usual, you may be encountering some chilly drafts. Check the seals around your glazing for cool breezes entering the home. If you discover any, you may need to replace the double glazing. Intact seals mean that cold air doesn’t enter your home and the warmth doesn’t escape. Perfect windows, fascias, and seals mean that you won’t be wasting money on your heating bills and you won’t have to worry about losing the cozy atmosphere that you create in your home. Check out the latest deals with local glazing firms – many have buy one get one free offers and will offer a lengthy warranty and guarantee on their services.


If you have large trees in your garden, think about whether they will realistically survive the winter, especially if you usually get harsh, cold weather. Trees can die if not taken care of, and even fall potentially damaging your home. Seek professional help from companies like Todd’s Marietta Tree Services to see whether they can help with cutting it back or even complete removal all together.

Follow this guide and you can ensure that you carry out the essential repairs that your home needs this winter.

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