Woman holding small jar of eye cream - Eye Creams: They Help you Look Younger as You Age

Eye Creams: They Help you Look Younger as You Age

To use or not to use an eye cream is an eternal question that comes to the mind of most aging women. This question props up when the very first signs of aging start appearing around their eyes. Here, we’ll help you take a closer look at eye creams and why they are essential for the thin, sensitive skin lining your eyes.

Eye Creams – No Miracle Cure

You’ll find eye cream manufacturers claiming that their products are ‘specially’ formulated for people grappling with bags lining their eyes, saggy skin, or dark rings around the eyes. Their eye cream formulas are very helpful for those having extremely sensitive or thin layers of skin on their face. When it comes to picking the right eye cream, Dr. Bill Andrews of Siorai.com suggests that you look for one with retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamins A and C. It’s important for you to choose an eye cream with the right ingredients for sun protection; the cream should also be light in consistency and weight. Such products tend to work well with eye makeup, foundations, and concealers to hide your wrinkles better.

Why do You Need an Eye Cream?

Are you wondering why you need a specialized cream for your eyes when you have so many other facial creams and moisturizers lining your dresser? The answer to whether you need, or can do away with an eye cream lies in the sensitivity and thinness of the skin surrounding your eyes. Remember, in most people, the area around the eyes has a more delicate skin in comparison to the remaining parts of the face.

Therefore, you need a gentle and soft moisturizing product that does not harm that part of the skin in any way. So, what’s the way forward? Do you start looking around for an eye cream that’s expected to work wonders or it’s okay to rely on your current face cream to do the job? In case you already have a fragrance-free product that contains cell-communicating ingredients then you may choose to use it on the skin surrounding your eyes. It’s well-advised that the selected eye cream contains the necessary skin-healing ingredients and the recommended antioxidants for it to be effective.

Benefits of Using Eye Creams

The eye creams packed with these and other right ingredients are capable of making the skin cells much healthier than before. They help build collagen, lighten any discoloring, restore skin barriers, and more. You may want to assess your existing night or day creams, gentle moisturizers, and serums in terms of how they would rate as the perfect eye cream. In case the skin around your eyes has the same type of skin as the remaining portions of your face then try the products you have instead of purchasing a new eye cream.

Treating Dryness Around Your Eyes

In case the skin surrounding your eyes have turned dry, or are losing their natural moisture gradually, then it’s important for you to invest in a more emollient formula. Just sticking to your regular skincare routine may not be enough. Under the circumstances, you may want to buy a special eye cream to add to your existing creams to get comprehensive care for your precious eyes.

Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes

It is common for aging men and women to have puffed skin under their eyes. This is because the fat cells present under the eyes are likely to sag with age. In case you have bags surrounding your eyes because of lack of sleep, or because the skin underneath has started retaining fluid, then you’ll need a calming cream to soothe your eyes. For gaining more positive changes, drink less alcohol, sleep more, and consume less salt.

If its swollen eyelids that you’re worried about, then a good eye cream can take care of the tell-tale signs of sun damage and skin irritation to repair the skin. This applies for dark circles as well – you may want to use the same eye cream to lighten discoloration caused by lack of sleep, reading or working in poor light, or straining your eyes in any way.

Way Forward

Given the importance of proper eye care, it becomes imperative to start looking for an effective cream for this most sensitive area on your face. It’s recommended that you use an eye cream that’s been specially manufactured for keeping the tell-tale signs of aging at bay. Research well and assess your exact eye care demands before investing in the cream of your choice.

Eye Creams: They Help you Look Younger as You Age

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