I love you Lindt Hello! You’re addicting little balls of heaven. I could eat a whole bag of you in one sitting! BUT… why did I think it was a smart idea to order a bunch online from a store and have them delivered to my home in Florida in 100 degree weather?


Why Order Lindt HELLO Online?

It was the thought of the effort it takes to get out of the house with a 4 month old and a 4 year old. Getting a 4 month old and myself ready, is defiantly no small task. But, that is nothing compared to what it takes to get my 4 year old ready. He insists on getting himself dressed, and will go to his room to do it. I then go 30 minutes later and check on him, only to find him still in his PJs.  He is happily playing with toys.  Grrrrr – this is one of the few times of late, the is is actually contented to play  by himself. He almost always wants me to play with him.  

At this point I then decide, to go try to do some work, since he is finally playing with out me. After about 30 more minutes, I then have to go make him get dressed. By this time the baby is ready to eat again. This is just the process of getting ready; doesn’t include the shopping trip, where my son decides to be on his worse behavior.

So thinking of this scenario, at night while lying in bed after just polishing off my last bag of my blissfully wonderful chocolate, I then went online and bought 8 bags of Lindt HELLO chocolate…

The act of ordering chocolate online during summer like heat, even with 2 day shipping, led to disaster, when the chocolate came to me, it was no longer in the form of little balls of goodness… instead it was one big blob in each bag.

The reason I ordered my chocolate online! Don’t be fooled by the cuteness 😉

Will I still eat it? Why of course I will! If anyone asks, I can claim that I only ate ONE PIECE. No overindulgence on my part. But next time, maybe I will drag the kids to the store to buy the chocolaty goodness… Maybe.


Lindt HELLO + Florida Heat = FAIL

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3 thoughts on “Lindt HELLO + Florida Heat = FAIL

  1. Aww, poor you! I hope you that if you let customer service know about what happened, that they were able/willing to reimburse you. Or, send a more edible form of chocolate!
    BTW, I loved the photos on the post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This was a cute post. I guess I know to never order chocolate in the summer in South Carolina too!

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