Feel Sexy and Supported: A Guide to Choosing Big Bust Bras

If you are naturally blessed with a bigger chest, but struggle to find a comfortable bra, perhaps this guide on choosing big bust bras could help? The reason whyPrima Donna Deauville bra is so popular is because it has a very wide size range.

For women, an ample bosom is a blessing and a curse. Your curves can make an ordinary outfit look super sexy. But with a big bust comes big bra troubles.

Eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong bra size. That means women aren’t taking the time to evaluate their chests and find the right fit.

Don’t let yourself be part of the majority. There are big bust bras that can accentuate your natural curves. When a bra fits the right way, you’ll feel comfortable, well-supported, and hotter than ever.

Let’s explore how busty women can find the perfect bras.

Signs Your Bra Is Too Small

If you can’t remember the last time you updated your bra selection, that’s a sign you need to. Your breasts grow and shrink over the years. The same bras that fit one year ago may not fit your current shape.

Common signs your bra isn’t fitting your body include:

  • Frequently adjusting the bra straps
  • Straps digging into your skin or sliding off your shoulder
  • Neck, shoulder, or back pain
  • Skin chafing after wearing your bra
  • Underwire digging into your skin
  • Bouncing or pain while working out

If you notice any of these bra mishaps, don’t panic. There are plenty of bras for you to choose from. You just need to spend some time learning the shape of your body to find the perfect fit.

Find the Natural Shape of Your Breasts

Believe it or not, there are more ways to describe your breasts rather than just “big.”

Every pair of breasts is unique. If you want to find a bra that fits your figure, consider the natural shape of your breasts. Look in the mirror and try to determine which type of breast best describes your bosom.

Uneven breasts are when one breast is significantly larger than the other. T-shirts and push-up bras are ideal for this shape as they have extra silicone inserts to fill out the bra.

Conical breasts are cone-shaped. They tend to sag, so a plunge bra provides extra support. Pendulous breasts look long and therefore need extra support. Push-up bras are ideal for women with pendulous breasts.

If your breasts are naturally very close together, it creates the appearance of showing cleavage. These are called deep cleavage busts. They’re best supported in strapless and plunge bras. On the opposite hand, wide-set breasts have a lot of space between them and look best in a push-up or wireless bra.

The Best Types of Big Bust Bras

There are four types of good bras for big busts. Let’s dive into each type to find the right one for you.

  1. Longline Bras

Longline bras were first made popular in the 1940s and 50s, thanks to Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe. Their demand faded in the 60s but returned in the 80s thanks to the decade’s over-to-top style trends.

Longlong bras look like mini corsets. The garments have fabric that entends below their cups and bands. The fabric covers the upper torso and usually stops around the belly button.

Longline bras are sexy and super supportive, which is why they are so popular for big busted women. Not only do they support large breasts, but longline bras also have slim and smooth a woman’s body.

Many big busted ladies complain about pain during physical activity due to a lack of bra support. Longline sports bras provide full coverage and extra comfort, so women can get through a set of jumping jacks without worrying about their bouncing bosom.

  1. Bralettes

Bralettes defy everything you used to know about women’s undergarments. They do not use padding or underside. And instead of hiding beneath your blouses, a bralette is meant to be seen.

It seems like bralettes are everywhere these days. These bras are a hot trend because they provide comfort while looking sexy. Not all bralettes are winners, but there are ones made with materials that provide excellent coverage for big busted women.

It’s important to note that since bralettes lack underwire and padding, they don’t do much for the shape of your breasts. However, their strappy styles take attention away from your breasts, so a little sagging is okay.

Women with large breasts are used to having their bras peep out. When wearing a bralette, showing off your bra is encouraged! The additional comfort and sexy style bralettes provide are why these bras are such a hit with big bust women.

  1. Wireless Bras

Women with larger breasts are all-too-familiar with underwire piercing into their skin. Uncomfortable underwires are why women rip their bras off the moment they get home. But new and improved wireless bras provide big bust women the support, coverage, and comfort they need.

There are wireless bras and sports bras designed for women with large breasts. On the downside, wireless bras don’t do much for lifting and shaping breasts. However, as long as your wireless bra is the right size, it can provide optimal support and flexibility. Wear your wireless bra lounging around the house or running errands.

Wireless bras are recommended for pregnant women, women who recently gave birth, and women who recently underwent surgery. The bras provide gentle support and can fit fluctuating breast sizes.

  1. Specialty Bras

To find a supportive big bust bra, you may need to consider a specialty bra. These are bras designed for specific types of women. Whether it be pregnant, post-operational, or breast cancer patients, specialty bras are designed to fit your figure.

The Amoena bra is an example of a specially designed garment for women who have undergone a mastectomy. The bra offers unique styles, comfort, and plenty of support. The line includes sports, convertible, underwire, and plus-size bras. Use the Amoena bra fitting guide to find a style that fits you.

All Things Female

Big bust bras exist for big bust women. If you’ve got the curse of curves, embrace your body. Find a bra made for your chest that provides optimal comfort and support.

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