What Does It Mean to Go Green? Why You Should Go Green, and How to Get Started

The earth is slowly dying.

Humans are killing the environment with overpopulation, pollution, gas emissions, deforestation, toxic waste, and more. Time is running out for the rain forests, food supply, freshwater, and marine life. While these predictions are dire, there are steps you, and the rest of the population can take to reverse some of this damage and save the environment.

Taking these steps is generally referred to as going green.

If you have been wondering “what does it mean to go green?”, this short and simple guide is for you.

What Is Going Green?

By now, you have probably heard the term going green many times. Commercials might have encouraged you to go green by recycling or a friend, co-worker or acquaintance might have proudly announced they are going green.

But what does it all mean?

When a person goes green, they commit to a lifestyle that is based on sustainability and protecting and saving the environment. Although recycling is important, going green means you are doing your part to preserve the earth and all of its natural resources, like fertile land, forests, water, animals and ocean life, etc.

Benefits of Going Green

You may be asking “why go green?” Is it really that important and will my small efforts really make an impact?

The answer is a resounding yes!

There are several reasons to go green, including:

Conserving energy to reduce air pollution and help you save on electricity rates.

Conserving water to save the aquatic environment and protect our drinking resources.

Conserving resources to reduce pollution and preserve wildlife.

Reducing consumption and waste to save the earth’s resources and protect the environment for future generations.

Ultimately, going green will help protect and conserve the oceans and lakes, the forests, the amazing natural wonders, wildlife and marine life, and everything else that is wonderful about this planet earth.

How to Get Started Going Green

Getting starting with going green may be easier than you think. You don’t have to suddenly change your entire life because small changes can add up to big results. Some ways to go green are:

Conserve energy by investing in energy-efficient appliances for your home, being careful about leaving lights on and unused devices and small appliances plugged in, and switching to energy-efficient lighting.

Conserve water by installing low-flow toilets and water fixtures, turning off the water while you brush your teeth or shave, and taking shorter showers.

Conserve resources by limiting, or eliminating, your use of plastic, recycling as much as you can, using non-toxic and chemical-free products, and buying your meat and vegetables from local farmers.

Reduce consumption and waste by canceling unnecessary mail, switching from single-use containers to reusable containers, and composting.

What Does It Mean to Go Green: The Bottom Line

This guide should not only answer the question “what does it mean to go green?” but also give you an idea of how you can start to protect our environment and help save the earth for future generations.

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17 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to Go Green? Why You Should Go Green, and How to Get Started

  • we are trying to live a more greener live but it is not easy

  • We do as much as we possibly can but needs some improvement.

  • We have been trying to help our planet for years. We have noticed what has been happening little by little to our home planet 🌎 The littering alone makes me want to vomit! I have seen people throw their trash out on the highway while driving! We have recycled our newspaper and aluminum cans, etc. for years. We use a rain barrel to use the water for our lawn. We’ve taught our kids and grandkids to incorporate these habits into their lifestyles. I shared on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing!

  • We have been trying to live greener. We were using reusable bags and use metal straws now. We would like to start recycling once we figure out how to organize it all.

  • It would make such a difference if we all worked together to do our part. Even small changes can help.

  • We are always picking up litter around the general neighborhood, or there will be broken bottle in the street – we get out broom and dustpan and pick it up. The litter is horrible.

  • I’ve been following may of these tips for awhile. Wish more people I knew were.

  • Every day we do a little bit more

  • Going Green is a good idea!

  • I’ve always been very frugal.

  • We all really need to do our part in going green. This is so important for our children, grandchildren, etc. It just becomes habit after a while once you get started. Thank you so much for giving us these great suggestions. God Bless

  • I’m trying to use less disposable items and buying less in general. Sometimes it’s hard to be green. It’s hard to find toothbrushes that aren’t made with plastic.

  • Im a vegan…I’m trying to do my part and save an animal or 2 🙂

  • We started “going green” when our first grandchild was born 14 years ago. We wanted to protect the environment for her and the future generations to come. It’s really sad to see how wasteful humans can be and how our earth is being destroyed.

  • This guide to going green is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  • These are great ideas to go more green in our lives.


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