6 Thoughtful Gifts for Dedicated Movie Fans

Shopping for someone who’s crazy about movies? Whether you’re choosing a present for your brother who loves the Star Wars movies, your Potterhead friend, or your mystery-thriller-loving niece, there’s a gift for every kind of movie lover here.

From sentimental reminders to cool tech, this list has got you covered in the gifts department for your movie-loving friend’s or family’s next birthday and Christmas too.

6 Thoughtful Gifts for Dedicated Movie Fans

Ticket-Stub Diary

Many people collect mementos of things they love. Film fans are no different. For the sentimental movie lover, a ticket-stub diary serves as a personal museum of all the films they’ve watched and loved.

Later, when they’ve filled the diary to the brim, they can flip through the pages and be reminded of all the movies that have made them laugh, cry, horrified, rage, smile, and love.

Movie Apparel

Let your giftee wear their love for their favorite film on their sleeves. From hoodies to T-shirts, there’s a host of everyday movie apparel for film fans. If your giftee is into costume play, buy them medieval clothing items (e.g., a hat, a cloak, boots, or even a gown) they can use for their hobby.


When you can’t watch movies in the cinema, you’ll have to settle for watching them at home. Fortunately, most televisions now come with a high-definition display. If only the sound quality could catch up.

For huge movie fans, it can be very frustrating to watch a good film with horrible audio. So why not end their suffering with the gift of high-resolution audio—a soundbar? A sound not only renders clearer, crisper audio but also gives access to streaming services, perfect for binge-watching your favorite movies and shows.

Check out this list of the best soundbars of 2020 to help you choose the right one for your giftee.

Home Cinema Projector

Home Movie Projector - Gifts for Dedicated Movie Fans
No need to go to the cinema to watch movies on a big screen with a home entertainment projector. Your movie-obsessed giftee can enjoy watching movies anywhere at home and invite family and friends over for movie nights in the backyard with this present. Because projectors are handy, they can carry one anywhere and watch films on a wide screen when they’re traveling.


Movie-Themed Card Game

Avid movie lovers like to think they know everything about films, but do they really? In which 1995 movie did Bruce Willis play the role of an ex-convict turned time traveler? What year was the first Harry Potter movie released? What is the first rule of Fight Club?

Let your giftee put their film expertise to the test with a movie-themed card game. Or they can play with friends on trivia night for more fun and excitement.

Vinyl Figures

If your giftee loves to collect movie merchandise, you can never go wrong with a vinyl figure as a present. Many popular movies have official collector’s items, which you can get for your movie-buff family member or friend. There are lots of versions to choose from too, such as LEGO sets, Funko figures, and NECA action figures.

Just a tip: you may want to snoop around your giftee’s collection first to make sure you don’t get them a vinyl figure they already have. For Marvel fans, Toy Biz Marvel action figures, would surely be appreciated.

The best presents are not always the ones that are expensive or fancy. What matters most is that you put a lot of thought and effort into choosing one that your giftee will love.

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