Unique Ways to Boost Your Energy in the Morning

For many people, early awakening is like a real torture. An alarm clock treacherously breaks off the sleep at the sweetest moment, and your bed does not want to let you out of its warm embraces. You hardly can find any strength to get up and your battery runs low. Does this sound familiar? If you do not belong to those individuals who wake up full of energy, take a look at our tips that will help you feel more exuberant in the morning.

Unique Ways to Boost Your Energy in the Morning

Wake up to light music
When choosing a melody for an alarm clock, give preference to soft, pleasant music. Set the alarm clock the way that volume increases gradually. Remember that the loud, annoying sound of the alarm clock not only scares you, but it can cause more serious consequences – the stress obtained during awakening increases the risk of developing a heart and anxiety problems. Classical music is an optimal choice to accompany your awaking. You can pick a musical composition by Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, or other classical composers. But no matter what melody you choose, change it at least once a month. Over time, the brain gets used to a certain sound and stops reacting to it.

Do morning exercises
If you have a few spare minutes in the morning, spend them on a little workout. Do squats, lunges, crunches, and inchworm push-ups. When you perform such a routine, you supply the muscles with blood they need. As a result, the heart begins to work better, and the morning drowsiness disappears. Morning exercises can be replaced by a 20-minute stroll, which not only helps the body to wake up but also enriches it with oxygen. You can also try yoga which will gently help to get your blood pumping and fight the fatigue.

Utilize a wake-me-up approach to taking shower
Cool refreshing water can help to remove the remains of sleep. But do not shock your body with icy water! If time permits, take a contrast shower. To do so, alternate warm and cool water for 3-5 minutes. Contrast temperatures have a bracing effect, they improve blood circulation, strengthen immunity, activate metabolism, and make your skin smooth and soft. If you do not have time for a full-blown contrast shower you can spritz your face with cold water or wipe your face with an ice cube.

Deploy the power of scents
It has long been known that smells can affect people in different ways. If you want to boost the level of your energy, choose the scents of citrus, mint, cinnamon, and coffee. Light an aroma candle with an “energetic” smell or utilize a diffuser powered with essential oils. You can also use shower gels and soaps with fresh scents when taking shower.

Explore Nootropics
Taking safe nootropics also helps to reduce morning grogginess, obtain the clearness of mind, and feel energetic throughout the day. They help to boost your energy on a fundamental level without causing addiction or harm to the health. Just take one pill in the morning and in 20 minutes you will feel feisty and ready to conquer the world.

Stimulate biologically active zones
What are biologically active zones? These are small areas of the body where nerve endings are accumulated; a distinctive feature of these zones is hypersensitivity. Stimulating these areas with massage has an invigorating effect. Brush your hands, rub your palms and pads of all fingers. Massage your nape, temples and eyebrow area – this will provide a flush of blood to the head. Also pay attention to auricles as there is a multitude of receptors to stimulate the awakening of the whole body.

You can adopt any of these tips or, which is even better, use them together. Start off with using only one method at once, gradually adding others just to check what really works for you. Once you get accustomed to your new routine, you will feel that grumpiness and grouchiness disappear and you can maintain a high level of energy from the early morning.



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