Ten Designer Weekend Bags You Are Going To Love

If you are considering a new designer  bag purchase to start off 2020 in style, you might want to consider some of the notably chic and popular designer weekend bags listed below.

Designer handbags are a great way to invest in pieces that will last the test of time, become staples in your closet, and can be a fun way to invest in yourself. Designer handbag styles come and go, however, they always circle back around to being “fashionable” once again, and additionally over time can turn into highly sought after vintage items that increase in value and demand.

Choosing a bag that is perfect for you takes some time, it is always important to consider the contents of your current wardrobe staples as far as your most common color palette and overall style. Spending a notable amount of money on designer bags can be a big decision to make, so make sure you pick an item that will ebb and flow with as much of your wardrobe as possible. This will ensure that you get maximum use out of your new designer staple.

  1. Starting with the Louis Vuitton “Neverfull” tote bag. This tote is great as a weekender bag, or even a day to day bag if you have lots of daily errands. This bag has a checkerboard design and is known for its durability. You are able to fit books, clothes, pocketbooks, makeup bags, you name it in this beautiful tote! While it comes in a few different sizes, you can choose which one would be best for your. Another great point to note is that this designer bag comes in neutral tones which ensures maximum wearability with your wardrobe.
  2. Chanel Deauville Tote designer bag comes in a couple of pastel colors, but also has a beautiful tweed exterior. This is surprisingly a more “heavy duty” bag as it is meant to carry items that you would use throughout an entire weekend. This might include books, laptops, ipads, and clothing. The material is very thick and gives you the confidence that you are carrying a bag that will not wear down easily after a lot of use.
  3. The “Marmont” Gucci Handbag comes in a perfect size where you can fit a little bit of everything. Picture being able to fit your essential makeup products, phone, wallet, and any other necessary items that you need on a daily basis. This Gucci handbag comes in a gorgeous taupe color which is most popular for anyone who enjoys neutral and super versatile bags to go with most outfits.
  4. The YSL Loulou Shoulder Bag is a classic pocketbook style bag that has incredible detailing across the front and back. Additionally, it includes an extra element with its metal gold color strap, but also has the comfort of a tote as there is a thick leather section at the top of the metal chain for added support. This bag also comes in a neutral and black color that gives you the versatility for daily wear regardless of which color you choose.
  5. Dior Book Tote comes in at number five again because of its durability and space for anything and everything you use on a weekly basis. This bag can easily turn into an essential item that carries all your most prized personal belongings especially if you find yourself running all over town with endless seemingly errands. You will find that you can throw just about anything in this bag while also maintaining a sleek and put together appearance. This is because this tote has straight and defined lines that create a very structured bag which will not fall over when you set it down. It stands upright and has the monogrammed Christian Dior name right on the front with carefully stitched detailing for an elevated and luxurious overall look.
  6. Chanel Embossed Jersey designer bag comes in at number six for a huge pop of color that is best worn in the summer or for special occasions. This is a textured bag with raised ridges across the front and back which give it an eye catching look. The straps follow the popular trend of the metal gold chain attached to a small piece of leather for added comfort when used. This Chanel bag is the smallest of designer handbags on this list so far, but is a perfect addition to an outfit that requires an extra element of surprise.
  7. Another incredible Gucci designer option is the Marmont Crossbody Bag. The crossbody bags are so effortless and have become one of the most popular handbag styles for the last several years because you don’t need to carry it with your arms. Being able to sling your bag across your shoulder while also having the added refinement of it being a designer handbag is wildly popular. This style and design will not be going away in 2020 as the efficiency of throwing on a bag that you don’t have to carry with your hands means it is a no hassle design that will surely stick around for a very long time.
  8. Listed at number eight is the Givenchy Eden bag which came out in 2019 in various different materials ranging from imitation leather to velvet as well as a variety of colors. While some are made to look like crocodile leather, this bag is created to have that appearance however it is not actual crocodile leather. This luxury bag has a slightly more masculine feel with buckled detailing down the sides of the straps. The straps on this bag also hang a little lower below the actual pouch, which gives it a very unique and distinguishable look.
  9. If you are looking for a structured versatile bag in black, the Lady Dior Lambskin bag could be a great option for you. This is great for daily use, and perfect for work outfits. This is a classic and feminine bag with a textured detailing to give it that extra flair that you are looking for. This is certainly a bag that will be around for years to come, it is made in quite a few different materials and colors, however for a classic black bag that goes with your more basic outfits as well special occasions this will be a great option for you.
  10. Last but not least is the Mulberry Mini Bayswater bag which is also a very classic shape and can hold quite a bit inside. This bag comes with the short durable leather straps that ensure there won’t be tons of wear and tear from only a few outings.

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