Here’s How To Create Beautiful Images From Basic Things

Do you want to cultivate a photography interest and create some stunning images for your home? It’s easy to feel frustrated when your mind is willing but your skills have some catching up to do. You don’t have to go on an expensive holiday or spend hours following around a subject to capture some beautiful images. Here are some recommendations for using basic things to create some stunning pictures.

Focus Stacking

Focus stacking allows you to create one sharp, focused image without worrying about taking one perfect shot. It is the process of taking a set of images of one subject, with each image focused at different lengths away from your camera. Here’s a handy site for advice on focus stacking. This will let you create a sharp, focused image by taking as little as three images, that you can then use on your wall or website, as you see fit. 

Photography through a lens - Here's How To Create Beautiful Images From Basic Things

Zoom In On The Everyday

Let’s face it, a pen might not seem interesting on its own. But finding creative ways to show a new perspective on something every day is the perfect way to create a new image. For instance, this focus stacking a fibre tip pen macro photograph takes a regular object and changes it into something entirely different. You can do this by zooming in and focus stacking anything from food to stationery. 

Man riding a bicycle - Here's How To Create Beautiful Images From Basic Things

Capture Movement

Rather than waiting to catch the perfect snap, why not capture someone in movement by taking multiple snaps of an event, person or object. It’s the perfect gift for an artistic spouse or friend. Take as many images as you can and review them after to see if you can find anyone mid-laugh, smile or activity. Movement is also the perfect way of capturing mood and energy in a single image, without trying to take a perfect picture.

Skyscrapers - Here's How To Create Beautiful Images From Basic Things

Shoot Strange Angles

Have you ever unwittingly taken a rogue photo on your phone, only to find that the unusual angle makes for a surprisingly stunning image? Why not try and do this deliberately to create some memorable photos. It might be a quick snap of some basic items in your home like vases or books, to decorate your home office space, but seeing a different angle might just serve as inspiration for some fresh new perspective.

Wood Grain - Here's How To Create Beautiful Images From Basic Things

Work With Textures

Textures can create beautiful imagery from the most basic of things.You’ll have several different things to consider when photographing textures, like color, lighting, depth and how far you zoom into an image. As before, don’t forget that this doesn’t have to be perfect, blurry images can also add to the effect and capture movement.

You don’t have to be a photography master to create beautiful images from basic things. Taking multiple snaps or focusing on capturing movement or zoom pieces can create fun art pieces for your home, or as gifts for friends. Even if you aren’t successful, part of the fun is exploring the techniques above and getting to grips with the process.


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