3 Smart Ways to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding has the potential to be a dream come true or an absolute nightmare. Of course, attitude and perspective are everything as you plan this momentous occasion.

While some may feel like a budget limits their creativity, it can also be quite helpful for narrowing down options, while also hopefully keeping you from going into debt as you and your fiancé start your life together.

Here are a few smart ways to stay within your wedding budget:

1. Limit the Guest List

It’s no secret that the more guests you have at your wedding, the more it will cost, plain and simple. Therefore, the easiest way to stay within your wedding budget is to limit the guest list. With fewer guests, your food, drink, rental fees and more can all be reduced to make the entire event more affordable.

This is easier said than done, though, and not inviting certain distant relatives and friends can cause hard feelings, so be prepared. Of course, you can’t please everyone — and you certainly don’t need to make it a priority — and since this is your big day, the only feelings you need to prioritize are your fiancé’s and your own.

If you’ve already whittled down the guest list as much as possible, there are a few additional strategies you can employ to reduce the overall headcount. For instance, limit the reception to adults only or politely decline to have single guests bring a date.

Many couples opt for a “no ring, no bring” policy, which means guests’ girlfriends or boyfriends won’t be invited to the wedding unless they’re engaged. While setting these types of rules may seem harsh, remember, most people are understanding of how expensive weddings can be and the importance of keeping the guest count as low as possible.

2. Make a Free Wedding Website

A custom wedding website is an easy and popular way to share information about the big day with your guests. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make one. You can make a free personalized wedding website with Minted that coordinates with your wedding invitations, save-the-date cards and other event stationery designed by the site’s independent artists.

By creating a corresponding website that highlights all the details of the occasion, you can also save big on your wedding invitations. Of course, this means there won’t be a need for additional inserts, as guests will be able to easily reference all the pertinent details on your wedding website with a click of the button.

3. Choose a Venue Strategically

Venues, especially those that make a business out of hosting weddings and other events, often have a variety of restrictions that limit clients to use specific vendors. While this can be beneficial, as it

narrows your vendor options with minimal work, it can also be more costly depending on the pricing for the partner vendors at your chosen venue.

For instance, you may be forced to use a specific florist or in-house caterer who charges more for comparable services compared to other outside vendors. If that’s the case, consider narrowing your venue options to locations that allow you the freedom to choose your own vendors. Now, this might require more work to seek out price quotes and get referrals, but it can also result in significant savings and help you stay within your budget.

Look at Wedding Planning as a Fun Challenge 

Planning a wedding on a tight budget can be stressful, but look at it as a fun challenge, one that you’ll only (hopefully) ever get to do once. By limiting your guest list, making a free wedding website to share wedding details, and strategically choosing the venue, you can more easily save money and stay within your budget.

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