How Cannabinoids Help in Dermatology

Dermatology deals with the health of the human skin. The experts focus on treatment through treatments and surgery. Apart from these, they have been conducting various research on the best cure and ways to promote skin health. Cannabinoids have been found to have the potency to treat various skin conditions and also ease pain after surgery.

Doctors and experts say that cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana have over 100 different types of cannabinoids, but skin medicine is only concerned with a few that have the potency to deal with the conditions. These include THC and CBD. Usually, they are used through topical methods where they are incorporated in skincare products like lotions and creams. However, CBD supplements have been found to be helpful.

To understand how cannabinoids work in dermatology, we will look at their benefits on the skin. Continue reading to learn more.

Reduce Skin Irritation

CBD in particular has the ability to relieve pain when applied to the skin. It is also an anti-inflammatory, and this will work well for people with acne, painful pimples, bug bites, and wounds on the skin. It might not cure the scars but relief from the pain and inflammation is a big benefit to anyone.

Slows Skin Aging

If you get into the habit of using skin products with CBD, you will slow down the skin aging process. The main reason is that it contains vitamins that are crucial to the skin and is also an anti-oxidant. Apart from these, the free radicals that affect the skin negatively are kept at bay. That is why you should visit the Cannaflower website to buy a bottle of CBD oil to use on your skin.

It is an Antibacterial

Cannabinoids are known to fight bacterial infection on the skin. The fact that they are both antibacterial and antimicrobial makes them a perfect addition to lotions and other skincare products including soaps. These compounds have been found to fight MRSA bacterium infection, which has been a big problem to treat for a long time now. According to studies, this is a big breakthrough in dermatology research.

Buying Cannabinoid Skins Products

First, it is worth mentioning that you can buy CBD oil and concentrates and add to your regular skincare products. However, it is better to buy products that are tested by dermatology experts and combined in the right dose.

Many health shops stock them in abundance for clients to choose what works well for them. But if you want an even larger selection, it is better to get on the web and look for reputable shops.

Experts recommend reading more about the products and looking at the ingredients to know the amount of CBD or any other cannabinoid used in them. To avoid allergic reactions, one can test new products on a small hidden part of the skin for a few days.


Organic skincare products that contain organic cannabinoids are the best because they do not pose any danger to your body. They are meant to improve your skin health and this should be the focus at all times.

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