Clean and Organized Travel with Airplane Pockets!

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Who just loves the hustle and bustle of flying?  Racing through busy airports…standing in long lines….jostling personal belonging while trying to navigate narrow aisles…and then squeezing into seats made for stick people, and working and eating off a tray that’s been touched by who knows how many hands.  NOT ME!

What used to be a fairly relaxing (and sometimes even luxurious) mode of travel, is now simply a means of getting from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible.  And for many of us, as cheaply as possible. I HATE IT.

To begin with, I’m scared to fly.  So, I’m nervous and flustered.  I have a brain injury that causes dizziness, and nausea from consent movement and changes of colors and patterns in my peripheral vision.  Zipping through airports literally makes me sick.  By the time I finally get settled in my seat, I’m practically in tears.  Then trying to get comfortable, and situating my belonging seems almost impossible. But, along came….


It’s amazing how something so simple and basic, can make such a HUGE difference. 

Ingenious – Economical – Gotta Get Them!


Pack them with all those things that you need at the ready.  Slip into your purse, briefcase, backpack, diaper bag, or carry on bag.  Then when you get to your seat, take it out and slip it over the tray table on the seat back in front of you. All those little things that make the trip more pleasant.  Your phone, water bottle, earbuds, pen & paper.  Add some snacks, maybe crayons and a coloring book or two for the kids.  Magazines, your tablet, and reading glasses…I think  you’re getting the idea.  Not only are all those items all stored neatly together, but the “pocket” slips over the tray table too…so you know that the surface is clean!

Airplane Pockets

About Airplane Pockets

Airplane Pockets is designed to give travelers convenient pockets to hold their personal items and a clean table to eat and work on. No more shoving your belongings into the seat back pocket in front of you where the last traveler may have placed his used tissues. Clean, washable and convenient Airplane Pockets gives you peace of mind to relax and enjoy your flight. US Patent #9051087

Now, all this is great, but for me, the best thing is that I’m so much less likely to leave anything important behind! On one trip not too long ago, I left my brand new iPhone in the seat pocket.  I didn’t realize it until I had stopped to eat between flights.  I went into total panic mode.  Thankfully, my traveling companion has way more get up and go, than I do, and she raced back through the terminal, and was able to get back to the gate before the plane took off again.  She was able to get an airline employee to go check for the phone and luckily, retrieved it for me. If I had been on my own, I may not have ever seen my phone again.  I’m pretty darn sure that I would not forget to remove the entire Airplane Pocket before leaving the plane.

Forget the candy and flowers this Valentine’s Day, and get your loved ones Airplane Pockets…a gift that keeps on giving.

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  • These look amazing. If I flew more I would absolutely get a set!


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