The Ideal Diamond Setting for a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds and engagement rings go together like summer and lemonade. That said, a diamond must be given due respect and treated with reverence. Not only because it’s rare, but because a diamond engagement ring is a serious commitment. To find the perfect diamond ring, you need to have a slightly trained eye and a curious mind to ask the jeweler questions. Here are a few ways to find the ideal diamond setting for a diamond engagement ring:

1.       Choose the stone– this is step one in the process. Unless you know what stone you want, you can’t decide the setting. Start with deciding on the carat; this will depend largely on your budget. A tip- goes just a shade under a round number for significant savings. Now decide on the color- white, colorless diamonds are the most popular but hues suit many as well. The cut is your next decision to make. The more facets the stone has, the more brilliance it will possess, making it sparkly.

2.       Shape of the stone- there are some shapes that are more popular than others. on top of the chart is the round shape- it’s ideal to show off the diamond in all its glory and is versatile. The next cut is a square cut, also called the cushion. The stone doesn’t have the brilliance that a round shape does but it has a symmetry that allows good pairings with other stones. A close relative is the rectangular shape- many shapes correspond with this-the princess cut, and the radiant shape. Apart from these, the marquise shape is popular too. It is tapered on both sides and has many facets, making it a perfect stone to show off. Pear shaped diamonds are a good call too. Apart from this, you could consider the heart shaped diamond as well.

The Ideal Diamond Setting for a Diamond Engagement Ring

In terms of light and brilliance, you can’t go wrong with the princess or the round shape. 

3.       Setting- the setting is a combination of many things- how many prongs, what kind of metal and what kind of pairing. The marquise stone is delicate and pointed and could get snagged on material and requires protection- so more prongs are required. Most shapes go with other stones, but a pear shape surrounded by other stones can really be a show-stopper. Think about the stones that you want to go with the diamond and how many they should be. A couple of small carat stones in a cluster look quite beautiful. The metal your diamond will be set in is vital. An engagement ring is paired with a wedding ring, and the metals need to complement each other. Yellow gold is the most commonly chosen metal, though there are growing numbers for pink and white too. Yellow needs to be replaced as it gets worn out with use. Platinum is a great choice, but it tends to lose its shine as time goes by.

A ring has to be a reflection of the wearer and their beliefs. Take into consideration the wearer’s activities and interests and the kind of clothes and accessories they prefer to wear. The ideal setting is one that comes from a place of love and care. If you have that, you’ll be fine.

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  • I really enjoyed this article! My son is planning on getting engaged soon-maybe I can offer him some assistance after reading this!

  • This is such a great start on how to shop for engagement rings! You can also get a lot of ideas looking through antiques and older cuts and settings.


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