The romanticism of the Bohemians may have begun in the late 1800s with operas such as Carmen and La Boheme but the ideals of being a creative, untroubled by the judgment of society, continue to be upheld. We still love the idea of living outside the norm and expressing ourselves as honestly as possible.

In fashion terms, bohemian style is about bright colors and fun. It will never go out of style because it is so free-flowing and comfortable to wear. Whether you shop at online boutiques or you prefer to wander around markets in Europe, bohemian style is easy to find. Here’s how you can pull it off.

Loose Light Layers

The first rule of boho style is to wear loose light layers. The aim of this type of clothing is to give you room to move and express yourself. The style may be over 100 years old but the idea of movement is still important in a world of tight fit jeans and ‘waist trainers’.

There are a few must-have items you should probably invest in to start building you boho wardrobe. A long maxi skirt and a few loose fit tops are a good start – go for block colors you can accessorize to begin with and then expand out to incorporate different patterns. The more adventurous you are with your combinations, the more bohemian you will look.

Bright Colors and Patterns

2019 is all about bright colors – perfect for your boho style. Autumnal colors such as rich reds, oranges and blues are ideal for this time of year when it is cold but don’t be afraid to branch out into brighter summer colors when the sun comes out. Feel free to play with contrasting colors too!

Floral patterns are a natural choice for the bohemian style and again, 2019 has plenty to offer. Arty floral patterns are bringing a new kind of boldness to floral design with black outlines and cruder floral shapes. On the other hand, smaller floral patterns ‘provencal sprigs’ may be better if you prefer a more subtle pattern.

Accessories and Jewelry

As with any style, the accessories are always the finishing touch. A broad brimmed hat, various bright scarves and a few different pairs or ankle boots are essential for boho style. As before color is essential, whether it is in a pom pom detail on a top or a large pair of earrings.

Any boho outfit can be improved with a flower crown or a headwrap and you can make your own to inject a bit of your own creativity. You can use real or silk flowers to create a flower crown to go with your outfit. In winter, white flowers and greenery will complement most styles but in the summer you should definitely go the whole hog with different colors and sizes of flowers. Just make sure you get the balance right for your head!  

While bohemian style continues to be comfortable and fun to wear, it will never go out of style. After all, why would anyone prefer to wear uncomfortable clothes?!

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Why Bohemian Will Never Go Out of Style

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