First Data (SM) eGift Social (SM) solution

Happy Cinco De Mayo
Get your Mother’s Day fiesta started early and 
eGift Mom a Margarita and Nachos  
from Joe’s Crab Shack to celebrate! 
“I don’t drink, so this wouldn’t do it for me, but I would love to receive an eGift
from one of the other 10 stores, 
that are now signed up with eGift Social.
In this day and age, when families and friends are scattered across the country,
eGifting makes perfect sense to me.  
It’s a little more personal that just sending cash,
and the recipient can use their 
gift at their convenience:-)”
Below, you will find all the details about 
eGift Social, that were sent to me earlier today:
Make this Mother’s Day convenient and customizable with eGift Social
an application that allows you to send a “real-life” affordable, 
yet meaningful gift by easily accessing the eGift Facebook page 
using a computer or web-enabled mobile device and give…
·         WIFE THAT DOES IT ALL: Your wife never misses a beat from taking care 
of the kids and keeping the house in order!  
eGift her a fun day out with the girls with a “Perfect Patron Margarita” 
or “Shark Bite” cocktail from Joe’s Crab Shack
You can even send it to her mobile phone so it’s one less thing for her to remember. 
If all these fail the “Crab Nachos” are a perfect selection.
·         THE GIFT OF LUXURY: The gift of Luxury: The everyday grind 
can make it tough to find time to unwind.  eGift the mom in your life with an 
“I love you” brush set or pampering body products from Sephora.
·         FINTESS FANATIC: Fitness Fanatic:  Let mom look good while she works out.  
eGift a Kmart gift card to let her get those favorite workout pants or earphones.

Whether you live close and can take your mom out to use her eGift on a fun shopping trip 
or live farther away and are going to eGift her, the perfect Mother’s day gift is right at your fingertips!

11 merchants are now offering eGifting programs powered by the First DataSM eGift SocialSM solution. eGift Social is a Facebook application that allows consumers to quickly and easily send a tangible “item-level” gift (e.g. burger, milkshake, makeup) or virtual gift card to a friend or loved one’s 
Facebook account or e-mail address.
You  can access also access the service directly at  
What is First Data’s eGift Social Solution?
eGift Social is a new eGifting technology offered by First Data that provides consumers the ability to quickly and easily send an “item-level gift” (e.g. ice cream, a cup of coffee, sandwich or movie ticket) to a friend or family member. These items move gift giving from “special occasions” to everyday occurrences, helping consumers interact with and show appreciation for friends and family
by giving  affordable yet meaningful gifts.
How does eGift Social work?
Consumers access the First Data eGift Social application through the retailer’s Facebook page or web site and select one or multiple friends to send gifts to either by adding them from Facebook or entering their e-mail address. The sender selects which product they would like their friend to receive, adds a personal message, and proceeds through the secure checkout process.
The recipient receives a Facebook message, e-mail or both, with an alert that they have received a gift, the account number and redemption instructions. Visiting any participating retailer location, the recipient redeems the eGift item of their choice by using the account number at the point of sale. Consumers can access the site using either a c
omputer or Web-enabled mobile device.
What is new about this technology?
Unlike other solutions in the marketplace, customers benefit from the convenience of being able to gift multiple, small items to one or more recipients with a single transaction.  Additionally, through this technology merchants are able to develop their own marketplace giving them greater 
flexibility and brand visibility.
First Data (SM) eGift Social (SM) solution

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