Five Summer Getaways Every Kid Should Experience

Summer vacation is already here for many kids, and for those
who are still in school, it’s coming very very soon.
There are many things that can be done duringtheir time “off”.  
Some are more important than others…
some are more appealing than others…
some are JUT PLAIN FUN!

Trying to come up with a top 5 list,
has not been easy, because there are so many wonderful getaways,
that I would loved to provide for my kids, when they were still living at home.
After much consideration, here is what I’ve come up with.

1.  Spend time with their grandparents!
Ok, so this is my personal favorite – for MANY reasons.
My children were fortunate to be close enough to see their
grand parents quite often.  They have many many fond
memories of the time spent with them.
They didn’t go to theme parks, or on big shopping trips…
nope – they dug holes in their backyard, and made Jello,
and played with paper doll.  Crayons & coloring books,
rope swings, hammering nails into board.
Nothing special ~~~but yet very very special.
Stories told, books read, hugs, and cookies.

My kids are grown now, but still make it a point to visit

their grandparents whenever possible.
On the other hand ~ my grand children are scattered all over the county.
I visit whenever I can, but it’s never often enough.  
Unfortunately, my husband gets to visit even less often than I do.
Oh how grateful I am for modern technology!
We can Skype, chat on Facebook 
(I’m very proud that I’ve gotten several
of them into FarmVille:-), text, and send emails.
They are so thrilled to receive notes in the mail,
and get small packages, now and then…
…seeing their faces light up, when I arrive at the airport…
that melts my heart.
Having them ask for me to cook favorite meals, 
read with them, play games and the piano with them…
just be there with them – heaven on earth.

2.  Go to the beach.
Oh there is something so special about playing in the sand,
feeling the waves wash across your feet.
Looking for seashells, building sandcastles, and in Florida, spotting Manatees.
Seabreeze, sun on your face, the smell of the ocean,
and the seagulls flying overhead.

Now, my husband will tell you that there is no place a special as Hawaii,
but I think that Fort DeSoto, Treasure Island, or Clearwater
are just as beachy and no where near as expensive!

3.  Disney World.
The happiest place on earth.

  I’m not sure that I agree with that 100%,
but I do know that most kids would vote for a trip to Disney.
Animal Kingdom would be my top choice of parks, 
but my husband would probably go for Epcot.
Good planning is necessary for a stress free adventure,
but there are so many resources, that can help you with that.

4.  The Grand Canyon.
Unbelievable in its magnificence. 
The shear size of it is overwhelming.
The colors are breathtaking.
5.  Road Trip.
This could be anywhere – an hour from home, or days away.
Just the time  together…singing silly songs, playing the license plate game.
Even the scabbling, and being asked,
“Are we there yet?” a hundred times.
Spending the night in a hotel/motel, eating breakfast
at a sit down restaurant, collecting postcards from cities
that you pass through.
Every family should do this if only once.
Your kids will remember it forever!

Doesn’t matter if you spend thousands of dollars,
or just a hundred…
if you go to a theme park, or just a city or county park 50 miles from home.
Take lots of photo’s, enjoy your time together…

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Five Summer Getaways Every Kid Should Experience

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2 thoughts on “Five Summer Getaways Every Kid Should Experience

  1. What a great post! I totally agree with spending time with grandparents. Kids need to be loved unconditionally by other family members and grandparents do this so well. We just returned from our road trip. My kids loved it! Okay, so we didn't go to Disney but Canada's Wonderland was exhilarating too.

  2. Ah Yes at LEAST 100 are we there yets multiplied by # of children present at any given moment, plus three I have to pee's per hour, and I am so hungry's to boot. Yes the mighty road trip, our one last child torture permitted to us 😉 That and smile for the camera.

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