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There is something so comforting about walking into the bathroom and finding beautiful bottles and jars of soap, creams and lotions…potions for shiny hair and soft silky skin. Being that my skin is sensitive, I often find that all those bottle and jars…just sit around looking pretty, since their contents cause burning and itching.  Glory Days – Rain Africa is marvelous.  The products that I’ve used smell so good and have not caused any issues.  SCORE.

I searched the site and ultimately decided on products from the Savannah and Baby Rain Collections.  The Baby Rain is a given since a 4 month old resides in our home.  Rain Baby Lavender Baby Lotion comes in a convenient easy to use tube. It Forecast for Valentine's Day: Rain Africarubs into baby’s skin and the scent has a calming effect leaving no greasy feel.  Combined with the Rain Baby Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, and you have just about everything needed to keep delicate skin cleansed and soothed.

As far as Savannah goes, I have to be totally honest – I just loved the look of the bottles.  I know, I know…that’s not the best way to choose bath and body products, but this time around it worked out swimmingly! Yes, the bottles are just gorgeous, but the contents smell so good, and the liquid soap and body lotion leave my skin feeling so fresh and clean. And just between you and me (because I don’t want my husband to know) the Savannah line’s scent is appropriate for a man or a woman!

Shoppers can peruse all the collections:

  • African Rain – As the rain renews and refreshes the African landscape, so the Africa Rain range renews and revitalizes your skin.
  • Aloe and Avocado – Unrefined avocado oil and aloe ferox extract are blended with a variety of other botanical actives in this healing and replenishing range.
  • Artisan Soap Distinctive, creative handmade soaps are a signature of the Rain brand. Crafted from 100% natural ingredients, cured for up to six weeks, and passing through about eight pairs of skilled hands during their creation, these soaps underscore Rain’s commitment to high quality through labour-intensive, low-tech manufacturing.

Forecast for Valentine's Day: Rain Africa

  • Bee Essential Remedies – Africa is the original home of the honeybee and the skin-nourishing properties of honey have been known to cultures across the continent for thousands of years.
  • Biologie – This is a multi-tasking range that helps protect the skin from sun damage and delays ageing, revives skin tone, smoothes skin texture and restores vital moisture to tired skin and hair. 
  • Essential OilsAromatic plants produce fragrant essences in their sensory cells which could be in the leaf, bark, root, flower, skin, fruit, seeds etc. These are the essential oils – the aromatic heart, life force or soul of the plant from which medicinal and healing properties can be derived.

Forecast for Valentine's Day: Rain Africa

  • Home Fragrance – A comprehensive range of fragrance items for the home or office environment, as well as travel size items to add fragrance to your journey in the form of travel size candles and mini air freshening room sprays for use in hotel rooms.

Forecast for Valentine's Day: Rain Africa

  • Perfume Range – Africa is home to some of the most intriguing fragranced plants on the planet. From ancient times, the continent’s peoples have extracted perfumes from a range of natural sources, including resins, woods, petals, fruit and seeds. One rare ingredient is harvested from the long-dead core of a particular desert shrub which develops a delicious scent as it decays.
  • Rain Baby – A baby’s delicate, sensitive skin is 25% thinner than an adult’s and needs extra protection and nourishment using only the purest, gentlest and most natural ingredients. 

Forecast for Valentine's Day: Rain Africa


  • Savannah  The Savannah range marries a memorable fragrance with elegant design while delivering benefits from the key ingredients.

Forecast for Valentine's Day: Rain Africa

  • Scrub Deli – The ancient Egyptians, masters of skin preservation and mummification were the originators of body and skin exfoliation. Have you seen how good those mummies still look after thousands of years ? Well, that is all thanks to exfoliation!
  • Tree Mists – From a rare forest flourishing in the harsh dune environment of Africa’s southern coast come the therapeutic essences of ancient, healing trees.
  • Wild Cott0n – At the heart of Rain’s Wild Cotton range are three key ingredients – organic, wild-harvested marula oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil.

Forecast for Valentine's Day: Rain Africa

About Rain Africa

Body and bath products are our first love, made with natural and where possible, organic ingredients.
Our products are high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and omega 3,6 and 9, generously formulated for the best results.
As one of the rare Fairly Traded and Beauty Without Cruelty accredited companies in the beauty industry, we consider ourselves to be a company with SOUL – buying with a conscience.


  • Hand Made Products
  • Hand Crafted With a Conscience
  • Ancient Tribal Plant Ingredients
  • Bioactive Plant Extracts
  • Wild Harvested African Botanicals
  • Beauty Without Cruelty Accredited
  • World Fair Trade Accredited

So which collection of products appeals the most to YOU?

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Forecast for Valentine’s Day: Rain Africa

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5 thoughts on “Forecast for Valentine’s Day: Rain Africa

  1. I’m a skin care, lotion bath and body hoarder myself! I feel you on that, but then find something I love I do use it!! I got to find a few of these and add to my collection!

  2. Yes, the bottles are beautiful! I love essential oils and I like the Bee Essential Remedies. I like trying new products and will look into Rain Africa. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve actually not heard of this company before, but goodness the packaging really is gorgeous! It sounds like their products are amazing as well. This would be a company that I would like to try myself.

  4. Thanks for your very detailed review. This is a very cool and sweet Valentine gift. Forget chocolates and flowers, these are the best.

  5. Like the commenter above I have so many skincare and lotion bottles in my closet and bathroom it’s ridiculous. Although I would purchase the Savannah brand based on the pretty packaging alone.

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