iStorage PIN Authenticated Hardware Encrypted Data Storage Devices

So what is a diskAshur2 USB 3.1 portable drive, you might ask? Well, it’s an “ultra-secure, PIN authenticated, portable USB 3.1 hard drive with real-time AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, software free design and super-fast data transfer speeds”In layman’s terms:

The iStorage diskAshur2 USB 3.1  is a compact, easy to use portable secure hard drive. It’s very easy to setup with your own PIN. With its USB 3.1 interface, files transfer very fast. The drive enclosure has a very user friendly interface for unlocking and locking the drive. Very simple, clear user manual is provided. Perfect for safely storing business files, personal financial files, etc.

• USB 3.1 Portable Encrypted Hard Drive
• Capacities up to 5TB*
• FIPS PUB 197 validated
• AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption – no software required
• OS & Platform independent
• Employs EDGE* Technology
• Available in 4 colors-Phantom Black, Ocean Blue, Fiery Red & Racing Green



About iStorage

iStorage is the trusted global leader of PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted data storage devices, that include; USB Flash Drives, Hard Disk Drives, and Solid State Drive formats. We deliver the most innovative products to securely store and protect data to military specified encryption levels; safeguarding your valuable business information whilst ensuring compliance to regulations and directives.

My husband, who is on top of the best there is in technology, gives the diskAshur2 USB 3.1 Portable Drive two thumbs up.  In fact, he told me that this is one of the best items that I’ve ever received for review.  High praise indeed!

iStorage PIN Authenticated Hardware Encrypted Data Storage Devices
Encrypted Flash Drives

Besides this unit iStorage offers:

Encrypted Flash Drives
Encrypted Portable Hard Drives
Encrypted Portable SSDs
Encrypted Desktop Hard Drive

iStorage PIN Authenticated Hardware Encrypted Data Storage Devices


Potential buyers can check out other product reviews, press releases and testimonials/case studies, along with a comprehensive product comparison.

Easy to use PIN encrypted security at your finger tips thanks to iStorage!

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iStorage PIN Authenticated Hardware Encrypted Data Storage Devices

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100 thoughts on “iStorage PIN Authenticated Hardware Encrypted Data Storage Devices

  1. I’m one of those who has experienced a computer crash, and would have loved to have a back-up source. I love the styles and features on these products. I’ll definitely have to explore them further.

  2. This sounds like a perfect storage device that we could use. I have had my computer crash and I lost everything

  3. I am always running out of space on my phone with all my pictures. This would be a great way to be able to store pics and word documents that I don’t want to loose or when I switch out phones and/or computers.

  4. Having a backup is absolutely essential. I also love the idea that this offers authentication as well for added security.

  5. I like these features, Capacities up to 5TB,AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption – no software required, OS & Platform independent and Employs EDGE* Technology.

  6. My phone is always out of storage space because I like to take a lots pictures of my kids, with this device is great for me to save and storage all my memorable pictures.

  7. Security is a major part of all our interconnected lives, I love this device with it’s manual security. How many of us have unencrypted USBs or external drives?

  8. Great review. Will pass on this information to my uncle who will enjoy seeing this new product. Thank you for sharing.

  9. This is an awesome product that I would love to use to back up my financial information. I would have never known that this product exits. Thanks for the great review!

  10. This would have saved me a lot of heart ache when my laptop’s hard drive crashed. I learned the hard way that your computer doesn’t have to be old to have catastrophic failure. 🙁

  11. Now that I have a baby, I have been worried about my computer crashing and losing all of my pictures. I definitely need a good safe way to back them up!

  12. Wow I would love to have a 5TB drive! My kids could use a smaller one for school work, but the 5TB would be amazing for all of my pictures and embroidery files.

  13. This would definitely be extremely handy to have! I have lost all my data on more than one occasion on a couple of different computers before, and it was tragic! This would be perfect to make sure all of my important stuff is always backed up.

  14. I have so many files on my computer I would love to have backed up on a storage device. THis looks like it would work for my embroidery files and pictures

  15. I really need one of these! I download a lot of stuff for my daughter that has autism, and I need something with a pin or some security so she doesnt try to get in and delete everything. This would be perfect!

  16. I learned long ago to back up any work or pictures I may have on computers or on phones. I have lost priceless pictures before. I really would like this I think it is a wonderful product!!

  17. 5TB is a ton of space. This is a great gift idea for that person that has everything.
    Thanks for the review, I’m totally digging this.

  18. I can tell you my daughter who knows so much more than i do about computer products has been asking for one of these. It looks amazing to use for storage that she needs. I like that it has super-fast data transfer speeds too.

  19. I have had a computer crash and did not have anything backed up, I love that this one uses a pin so it is more secure.

  20. me itlook like a charger to me but it would be great for me i can
    take the craft an pic i down load and take them and have them copied for
    the use later

  21. My favorite features are OS & Platform independent and the Portable Encrypted Hard Drive. The fiery red definitely stands out. This will come in handy for my hubby.

  22. I love the fact that it has encryption, to make sure things are not accidentally deleted or messed up. I also like the ease of taking it with you.

  23. I didn’t even know there were portable drives like this out there! I never eve thought to have something like this encrypted and locked! It sounds awesome and safe!

  24. I didn’t realize that a portable harddrive was an available option, not to mention it has added security with the encryption. Very nice and handy for traveling for business or storing digital media. Thanks for sharing. ps. I like all the color options too.

  25. I needed one of these last year when my computer crashed and I lost some files that are gone forever. I like that the information stored on it is encrypted. With capacities up to 5TB I wouldn’t need anything else as it would take me a long time to fill it up.

  26. I recently had my laptop with 8 years of pictures catch on fire. I was lucky that a store was able to get them off of the laptops hard drive. But I really need something like this from now on.

  27. I would love to use this to back up my laptop. I love taking photos and worry about losing them if my hard drive fails.

  28. Since I work in the computer industry I know how important it is to have backups. Portable and encrypted is even better. All hard drives will fail at some point, backing up your cherished digital pictures and video’s is essential.

  29. I really like something so sleek and efficient for backing up my files. This would be a great addition to our home office.

  30. As much as I like using cloud storage, I feel much better with a portable storage device and this one is an upgrade with I’m used to because of the PIN authentication. I also like that the device is OS independent and even has an option for an on-board antivirus.

  31. I’m not that tech savvy but I like that it doesn’t need software. Also the bright colors are great.

  32. I’m not tech savvy when it comes to this type of stuff, but the fact that your husband, who IS on the up & up with technology, gives it two thumbs up says a lot! I also like the bright colors it comes in! Thanks!

  33. This is awesome! I love that it is portable and it is PIN authenticated. Security and convenience!

  34. This looks so awesome and plenty of storage. My daughter takes so many pictures of my granddaughter and this would be perfect for her birthday!

  35. I store quite a bit in the cloud, but would like to have something like this. Who knows when The Cloud might rain….

  36. Aside from the benefits of having a secure backup system, I really like that they come in different colors. That would be a great way to keep information from different actions separate. Color coding can be very helpful!

  37. If a techie hubby is giving it two thumbs up, I’m sold!! This is something I’d like to have and something I’d like to give my oldest (grown) son.

  38. I really like the security features on this. I am always running out of space for my pictures, this would be perfect for me.

  39. This hard drive sounds great for protecting your financial information. I like the PIN encryption authentication.

  40. This is a great product for the future and for now, I love all of the space and protection! This would be great for work.

  41. Oh , I am already in love! This is something I so need. My writings and songs I have and pictures… I need storage. I need this.

  42. A great family of devices that allow you to secure your data at an affordable price point ! We would use one to carry important data, docs, etc. while we are traveling.

  43. I like that it employs EDGE technology. Personally, I like all of the color choices so much that I would have a tough time narrowing it down to one choice.

  44. What a great hard drive. Being as it is Encrypted Hard Drive and portable makes it a good protection feature.

  45. The encryption feature is such an improvement over a regular USB. I know I need to get my harddrive backed up and this is the perfect option!

  46. I never knew about these. I love them. I love the password encryption and I love that I can lock it in my safe or carry it around with me.

  47. I love the encryption on this data storage. It’s so scary to think of losing everything on my laptop or computer. This looks like it’d really help not lose all the information!

  48. I love the encrypted flash drives and encrypted portable hard drives. My hubby is also into technology, he would be thrilled with this awesome device. Thank you for the opportunity.

  49. Wow … 5T. This is an amazing find. Verizon recently cancelled my cloud cause I’m not under a contract and I’m constantly downloading from my phone, worried about losing pictures. And I pay for back up storage on my computer. Win win here.

  50. My husband is a cyber security guy and he’s always looking for ways to up our protection. I do a lot of data transfer and am on the go a lot, so something like this would be great for making sure none of that slips out if the drive is lost!

  51. My favorite feature is that it is water and dust resistant. I also love that there is no software needed. I definitely need this!

  52. I love the fact that it is PIN protected! Plus the fact that it is not too big and can be taken anywhere. My daughter uses these for her studies and personal information so something like this is definitely important to her.

  53. I like the encryption. We have lost a lot of things when we had computer crashes in the past. Great device.

  54. I love the fact that it needs a pin number which would keeps private documents out of the childrens reach who seem to ‘accidently’ delete things from my computer. The 5TB storage is a great size, there is not much it wouldn’t store.

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