Season 3 of Fringe is set within two distinctive worlds where one world is affected by the actions that occur in the other. How often do you feel like your professional and personal worlds collide? How does your online persona differ from who you present yourself as professionally? Explain how you, like the characters in Fringe, are able to function in both worlds without upsetting the balance.

“Oh my…I think that my online persona, is my professional self.
I tend to be very open and honest…and outgoing, when online.
In real life, I am a huge homebody,  I have agoraphobia
so being inside my little office with just my 4 office assistants
(George, Gracie, Gabe and Po)
is a safe and comforting cocoon for me.
I don’t often have to deal with my two different worlds colliding,
and when I do, I have Gabe and/or my husband to help me cope.

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