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0 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun – Gabes Paws in the Ocean

  1. Don’t be depressed. You are beautiful just the way you are! Don’t let society dictate how you look! As long as you are healthy then it doesn’t matter what your dress size is. Oh and remember there are antioxidants in chocolate so it is now considered good for you!! <3

  2. Aww Dont get depressed. Find inspiration in little things. Start off slow. This is a beautiful place to find inspiration,just looking at this pic makes me happy 😀

  3. Oh Libby…You are adorable! Don’ be depressed my sweets because I’m eating chocolate right now myself …..Hey! Great minds think alike right?

  4. I love this picture of the two of you. I am a total sucker for anything animal, as long as it’s humane. Thank you so much for sharing this photo with your readers. I would love to see more pics of Mr. Gabe, PLEASE?!?!?!
    Bear Hugs – kimbuckjr

  5. I love the picture You and your dog in the ocean. And as far as the diet thing goes publicly shaming yourself is not the way to go. What I recommend is figure out why your over eating deal with any of your emotional issues. Then when you have worked through those issues it is much easier to change your eating style so that you can go loose weight. I also hate looking at diet as a temporary fix quickly lose weight and then go back to eating the same way you were eating before and then the weight just come back. My mom had a little success by putting what she called her fat picture on the fridge so every time she went to eat she saw the picture and then would choose either not to eat if she wasn’t hunger or eat something healthier like an apple if she needed a snack

  6. awe what a cute dog! my dog loves swimming!! we leave the bath tub filled with a bit of water and she just goes at it all day! 🙂 this is such a great picture! no way is it depressing! smaller isnt always better im bigger and i rock it!;)! your beautiful so own it! i love that gabe and you have matching hats! so cute!

  7. you are lucky.I would love to be on the beach right now and the picture is awesome.your dog is a cutie.Try not to be depressed embrace how you are,love who you are .Stay strong!

  8. Love the hats. Dont shame yourself in to dieting . Just try and do a little at a time each day.
    Seems you and your dog like the beach . Walking in the water is good exercise – so keep it up
    Good luck : )

  9. Don’t let your weight get you down. I know how you feel, but a lot of time can be wasted on regret. Just try and be the best no matter what size you are and your beauty will shine through, like in this picture. And how can you be depressed in those hats! Cheer up!

  10. libby, you (and i) are so much more than our weight~ rather than think about what your body doesn’t do (lose lbs), think about the amazing things it does every day! and you and gabe look happy!

  11. Dogs just seem to love the beach. I know my dog does, though its really annoying that everytime we take him, he won’t stop drinking the ocean water. Makes for some gross clean ups.

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