Getting Back To Your Best After Lockdown

Everyone has handled this pandemic differently, but if there’s one thing that is pretty common it’s that most people have gained a little weight during lockdowns. Life has been hard for everyone and the feelings of being stuck, stressed and depressed with no gyms to work out in has been tough – which has resulted in the lockdown 15 for most people. Our favorite jeans don’t fit and we are far less active than we used to be. Working out at home is just not the same when you are used to being in the gym or your favorite exercise classes, right?

You want to get back to yourself and  – depending where you are in the world – lockdown may have an ending on the horizon. If you are looking to get to your best after lockdown has ended you can use the tips that we have below to get you started. Getting back to your best doesn’t always mean losing weight, either. It could be that you were booked to get silicone breast implants to feel confident and the lockdowns have postponed your surgery repeatedly. It could be that you can rebook that surgery and start getting excited again. It could be that you have bought some weights to work out just to feel good!

Either way, we’ve got some tips to help you with you getting back to your best after lockdown.

Ripe Fruit on a Table with a Vase and White Flowers Getting Back To Your Best After Lockdown

  • Stop Beating Yourself Up

You are in a PANDEMIC right now. You are literally living through something that is going to make the pages of the history textbooks. You have not done anything wrong by gaining weight or slacking on your exercise routines. You may have missed out on some surgery to make you feel more body confident. How can you beat yourself up over that? You have had a hard time with things – just like everyone else, and you need to give yourself a little bit of a break.

  • Start Swapping Your Diet Around

Getting proactive with feeling good again is so important. Instead of packing in the unhealthy foods onto your grocery list, start adding healthy foods and whole foods to your list and you can start feeling good from the inside out. You can focus on food that is fresh, from fruit and veggies to fish and proteins.

  • Reacquaint Yourself With Water

How much water have you drunk during lockdown? We’re willing to bet that you haven’t been keeping up with your water routines, and now is the time to get yourself back into your routine. Drinking water will help your skin and your gut health, as well as making your hair feel healthy.

  • Embrace Home Workouts

Yes, it sucks that the gym is shut, but the internet is a wonderful place and there are plenty of places you get home workouts from that will make you feel insanely good. Get moving, and it doesn’t have to be intense and sweaty to be effective. You can embrace yoga and meditation and still have the same results.

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