Give the Gift of Rest for Mother’s Day with CubbyCove

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Give the Gift of Rest for Mother's Day with CubbyCove

Sleep is a precious thing to moms…they often get far too little of it!  Mom’s of newborns and infants get broken sleep.  Moms of babies and toddlers are worn to a frazzle.  And as our kids get older their crazy schedules, and our constant worries for them, get in the way of getting a good nights sleep.  There aren’t always ways to help, but sometimes there are things that we can do and products that are available, that can bring a little piece of mind, comfort and a little extra shut eye. CubbyCove ® is one of those.

About CubbyCove


CubbyCove is a multifunctional baby nest.  It is TRULY BREATHABLE like no other available on the market. It’s made with ultra-soft, super-breathable fabrics—a secure fit for babies and parents
that helps create safe sleeping conditions and keep things cool.


A baby nest is exactly how I would  have described it myself.  Comfy and cozy.  A place that makes babies feel safe and secure. Just take a look at one of our staff’s darling little girl!Give the Gift of Rest for Mother's Day with CubbyCove

This is what her mom has to say about use of the CubbyCove with her newborn:

Very Neat. She will lounge for short periods of time, without fussing, which is awesome. Love that it’s so portable!  

But, the CubbyCove isn’t just for the tiniest of little ones. My daughter-in-love is using her CubbyCove with my 18 month old grandson (which shows that the CubbyCove grows with your child) for naps and night time.  They co-sleep, so the CubbyCove fits neatly in between them.  Keeps him close, but gives them a bit of separation, so he isn’t on top of them throughout the night.Give the Gift of Rest for Mother's Day with CubbyCove

How the CubbyCove is Made

Designed with love and care, and made with soft, durable and breathable fibers – Nothing is more important than our little ones well-being, and therefore every last detail was taken into account with the design of the CubbyCove. It’s truly breathable like no other available on the market. Designed and Built with High Quality Soft 3D Mesh Fabric, which is known worldwide for its amazing properties of High Permeability, Durability, Compression Strength, Breathability, Pressure Redistribution and Anti-Bacterial. The outer cover has the same principals but made to be very soft, cushiony and gentle for your baby

The CubbyCove comes in Snow White, Baby Blue, and Rose Pink…which color would you choose?

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