Why Sleep Is So Important to Your Skincare and Beauty Regime

It’s no secret that women can spend a small fortune on their skincare and beauty regime, picking a whole host of top products meant to give them the skin of their dreams. While these products will certainly help in the quest for radiant, youthful, and healthy skin, it goes deeper than just the products you are using. Did you know that sleep is actually a very important element in your skincare and beauty regime? In fact, without enough good quality sleep, all those products you are applying to your skin won’t be able to offer maximum benefits.

So, let’s take a closer look at why sleep is so important in your beauty regime.

Cut Down On The Amount Of Lines And Wrinkles

Did you know if you are getting five hours of sleep a night, or less, that you are likely to have twice as many lines and wrinkles on your skin? That’s a significant increase, and likely one that you don’t want to indulge in. Making sure you are getting enough sleep each and every night will help keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Get Control Over Dark Circles And Under Eye wrinkles

One common complaint women have is that they suffer from dark under eye circles and bags under their eyes. This gives the illusion of not being well-rested and can even age you. While there are a number of factors and reasons you may have this issue, a lack of sleep is certainly high on the list.

By getting enough quality sleep each night, you will cut down on the puffiness, dark circles, under eye wrinkles and have brighter looking eyes.

Some days when it is difficult to go to bed early, use the best eye cream by dermatologist, for example Solvaderm Eyevage Age-Defying Eye Cream. This gives a more youthful look overall.

Also, Eyevage reviews proves that using of anti-aging eye cream helps in fighting early appearance of under eye wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Give Your Cells A Chance To Repair Themselves

Another interesting way that sleep helps your beauty routine is that it gives your growth hormones a chance to repair damaged cells. This occurs when you are in the deep state of sleep. Without that deep sleep phase, those cells aren’t receiving the attention they need, which will lead to the signs of aging.

Do Your Body And Health A Favor And Opt For A Non-Toxic Bedroom

You can also take things one step further and do your body and health a favor by setting up a non-toxic bedroom. What this means is that you will be eliminating all harmful toxins and chemicals from your bedding.

To create a non-toxic bedroom you will want to follow a few key steps. Be sure to pick a mattress that is free of harmful chemicals such as 100% natural latex, organic wool, or organic cotton; skip the scented candles that can also contain toxins; pick bedding and pillows that are 100% organic cotton; invest in an air purifier; place a potted fern in your room to further purify the air; and open your windows.

Give Your Beauty Routine The Best Chance Possible

So, by ensuring that you are not only getting enough sleep, but also enough quality sleep, you will in fact be doing all you can to ensure that your beauty routine is effective.

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