Legal Complications: What Happens if You Crash into an Uber Driver’s Vehicle?

Ride-sharing continues to increase in popularity. More people are discovering they can obtain a ride wherever they need to go with nothing more than their smartphone and a ride-sharing app. However, the same individuals making use of these services often fail to consider the safety of using them. Most drivers working for ride-sharing companies don’t receive formal training or undergo rigorous background checks. The industry isn’t well-regulated either, and a person might find he or she is involved in an accident while making use of Uber. What should be done if the worst does happen and an accident occurs?

Who is Responsible?

Will Uber pay for any claims related to the accident or does the burden fall on the shoulders of the driver involved? This is the first question many riders ask when they have been involved in an Uber accident, and the answer isn’t simple. Under California law, it depends on when the accident occurs.

Personal Use

When an Uber driver is using his or her car for personal use, Uber’s insurance policy does not cover any accident involving the driver. The injured parties would need to contact the driver’s personal auto insurance company to see if the accident is covered. In some cases, it will be.

In addition, the driver can consult a car accident attorney if he was not at fault. Visit this website to understand how auto accident attorneys work.

Waiting for a Request

When an Uber driver signs into the ride-sharing app and states he or she is available to accept a job, Uber’s insurance policy takes effect. The driver immediately has a minimum of $50,000 of liability coverage while waiting for a ride request and $100,000 per accident to cover bodily injury claims.

Transporting a Ride

Once a ride request has been accepted by a driver, more coverage is provided in the event of an accident. This coverage goes into effect the minute the driver accepts the request and continues until the rider has been dropped off at his or her destination. During this time period, the driver has $1,000,000 of third-party liability coverage along with $1,000,000 of underinsured or uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage.

Additional Factors That Impact Coverage

This may all seem confusing to riders who are involved in an accident while riding in an Uber vehicle. Add to this the fact that the insurance coverage may vary based on several other factors, such as the type of service being used or the state in which the accident takes place, and it is no wonder people often wonder where to turn for help.

What to Do Following an Uber Accident

Individuals involved in an Uber accident should follow the same steps they would if they were involved in an accident while using their personal vehicle. Make certain everyone is safe, and obtain medical attention if needed. Call the authorities so they can come out and make a police report, as this may be required as the case moves forward. Gather all information related to the accident, such as the name and driver’s license of each driver and the make and model of their car. The more information a person has regarding the accident, the easier it becomes to prove his or her claim.

Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney if you have any questions regarding Uber insurance claims. Ride-sharing services are of great help to many individuals, yet riders need to be protected in the event something goes wrong. An attorney works to ensure the rights of the riders are not infringed upon after an accident and he or she gets compensated for any damages resulting from the incident.


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