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When you move into a house, it can take a long time before you feel that you belong there. It takes a long time to build up the personal touches that make the space yours. And, for many of us, you don’t really know what your taste is (or isn’t) until you’ve got a house full of things. 

But, for the moment you just move in, there might be the smell of fresh paint in the air, or everything is overwhelmingly white. Putting your stamp on it can be a little bit daunting. 

Nonetheless, here are a few small ways that you can make the place feel like home without having to make too big a commitment to your choices.


How your home smells is a very personal thing. Some people love punchy citrus smells wafting through their living rooms, others like soft florals floating around. It can be a very personal thing. Picking up a range of scented candles, and some interesting candle holders mean you can instantly inject ‘you’ on your new home. Place the chosen candles scents around the house, and as your first evening draws in, light a couple of them and enjoy your home. 

Wall Art

You might opt for something personal like dog art prints of your furry friend, or photos of your family members. If you are on the creative side, you might like to create a piece of art yourself. If you follow a Bob Ross tutorial, you might just find that you can paint something pretty spectacular. Or, if you have a particular fondness for comic books or magazines, framing some of your favorites to hand up is more than a nod at who you are and what you like. 


If you aren’t ready to start painting or adding wallpaper, you can inject color with textiles and accessories. Decide the look and feel that you are going for, and pick up a range of pillows, blankets and things like plant pots. Try to mix and match the textures – having one fluffy pillow, one waffle material, and some velvet will keep it interesting and look like there was an element of interior design happening. 


Much like the wall art, placing things that you like and enjoy on display can make a place feel like yours. If you collect crystals, or fossils, or even figures from an obscure movie should be placed somewhere that you can see them. All too often we buy things we like, and then store them somewhere safe, but not somewhere you can see them. 

Personalization of a home is done over time. Picking up carefully curated items, really thinking about what you want and need. We all tend to buy things and fill up our space quickly, and before we know it, we are watching Marie Kondo on Netflix in a bid to return our home to something we love again. So, take it slow and create something that is truly you


Personalising Your New Home

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