Being beautiful isn’t easy, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. When you see a model on TV or a celebrity walking down a red carpet, just remember, they have probably gone through hours of beauty treatments to look like that. True beauty is almost an art form and requires a lot of dedication and determination. To show this, we’re going to explore some of the most painful parts of beauty and hopefully, discover new ways to avoid the associated pain. Let’s face it some of the beauty treatments people swear by hurt like nothing else on earth, and it would be great if we could find ways to dodge them completely. Let’s start with a simple one, exercise after aches.

Want A Hot Body? You…

No Pain, No Beauty?

Probably know the rest of the song lyrics. It’s true if you want a nicely toned stomach and those perfect arms with just the hint of muscle, you need to work for it. You need to make sure you’re exercising at least three times a week for about forty minutes. There’s a little debate here about the optimum time to exercise. Some people swear by the seven-minute exercise plan which is going to work wonders if you’re already in a pretty darn good shape. You can read more about that on  If you’re not, then you need to think about doing a little more to burn off the fat and build the muscle. So where does the pain come into it? Usually not until the next morning.

You might have been working out for hours the night before building up a sweat. Afterwards, you felt great, and everything you picked up was light as a feather. You even decided to take a jog home rather than take a bus back from the gym. Sound familiar? Then, the next morning you wake up, and every part of your body is in agony. Your arms ache, and you can’t lift them up over your shoulders. Your back feels like there are a million pins stuck in it and let’s not even mention your legs. Needless to say, you might be considering phoning in sick for work. Is this avoidable? Yep, there are two reasons for this pain.

The first is dehydration. When we exercise, we are draining our body of liquids through sweating. If you exercise for too long, you can reach a level of dehydration, but you might not feel the full power of this until the next day. That’s why you should drink plenty while exercising and make sure you keep drinking afterward as well. Hearing Niagara Falls in your bathroom the next morning is a good sign you’ve drunk enough.

The other cause might be over exercising. Your body can only do so much, and if you push it too hard, it’s going to hurt you.

Miracle, Pain-Free Wax?

As Monica, Phoebe and Joey found out, seen on, there is absolutely no such thing as painless waxing. Waxing your legs hurts enough so let’s not even mention the Brazilian. If you’ve never waxed before, here’s something to remember. You can sound like Julie Andrews before you start but when that first strip comes off you will be swearing like a sailor who’s just come back from six months at sea. It’s true it does depend on the area where you’re waxing, but even the legs can be incredibly painful for people with sensitive skin. So, why do people wax? Well, there are two reasons. First, it’s cheaper because you don’t have to spend as much on razors and shaving cream. Once you’ve waxed your legs will be good for a few weeks before you need to go back. However, according to sites such as shaving can be just as cheap for women as long as you’re buying from the right company. With a club like this, you can get all the shaving products you need on the dollar and avoid the pain of waxing. And remember, there’s no guarantee that waxing will leave your legs flawless. People with sensitive skin will have bumps that are far more unsightly than leg stubble.

Eyebrows On Fleek?

Well, they will be but only after you have given them a good tweeze. Tweezing your hair isn’t on the same level as waxing, but it can still hurt quite a lot, particularly if you don’t know the tricks that make it painless. Lucky for you, we do. First, always tweeze after a hot shower because that’s going to open your follicles making it easier for hair to come out. Ice can also help numb your brows when tweezing to ensure you don’t feel it quite as much. Make sure that you are holding your skin tight. A little of the pain that you get from tweezing often comes from the skin being pulled as well as the hair. This is a great way to avoid that problem.

A little extra tip is to make sure your tweezers are sharp and ideally new. That will save you from the annoying yell-out-loud issue of losing the hair, scraping the brow and having to do it all over again. Get it right the first time, and you can save yourself a lot of pain.

Holy Moley, They’re Heavy

We are of course talking about hair extensions. We’re not entirely sure how Charlize Theron managed her look in Fate of The Furious because it sure does look painful to us. A lot of women use hair extensions if their hair isn’t naturally thick or long. Unfortunately, before you get hair extensions, no one tells you how much they can hurt. The braid pulls against your scalp, and the weight can even cause headaches.

The solution? Rather than bothering with extensions why not just look for natural ways to boost the volume and the strength of your hair. Bamboo oil has been shown to have this effect. If used regularly enough, you will see a natural difference to the volume and length of your hair.

We hope this advice helps you take the pain out of your beauty routine.

No Pain, No Beauty?

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