A dear friend of mine, had an MI 
(myocardial infarction = heart attack) recently.
If not for a very insistent co-worker (and friend to us both),
she would not be alive today.
Because 911 was called, and she was rushed to the hospital…
and was able to get a stent placed, within the Golden Hour.
She did not have the Classic symptoms that she associated 
with a heart attack.
She had back pain, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and jaw pain.
No severe tightness in the chest.
No radiating pain down her left arm.
Please take a moment to go HERE (The American Heart Association)
to learn more about heart attacks – how to recognize symtoms
& how to lower your risks.
Do it now – because you have people who <3 you!!!
Go Red / Learn about Heart Attacks!

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