Had a Baby or Two or Three and Need to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor? You Need a Cooch Ball!

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OK – I’ll be up front and honest…I really needed this!  I’m a mom, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother.  I have 10 kids.  After 9 full term pregnancies – and big babies to boot (my last was 10 lbs. 15 oz.), my pelvic floor has totally forgotten what it’s supposed to do. I have to cross my legs, if I laugh, or cough, or pick up anything heavier than a dust bunny…heck, if I look sideways. It’s not pretty…it’s not fun…it’s a pain the nether regions.  Doing Kegel exercises just never cut it for me.  Can’t remember to do them.  Don’t enjoy doing them.  Haven’t had much success doing them.  I think you get the picture.

AND it isn’t just me. So many women have problems that there are actually Pelvic Floor Institutes all over the country. Yes, there are all kinds of pads and underwear for bladder leakage / urinary incontinence.  There are internal bladder supports (similar to tampons).  And every gadget you can imagine, that we won’t even begin to discuss here, that claim to help build up those muscles.  Sadly, it can become so bad for some women, that they resort to surgery.

But ladies the Cooch Ball has arrived!

Cooch Ball Pin

All you have to do is sit on it for 3 minutes a day.  That’s it…sit on a ball.  Sounds crazy, I know, but who am I to question?Cooch Ball - How it Works


Another bit of honesty here…I think I would have tried to come up with another name for this, but darn it, it works.

Info from Cooch Ball

Would you invest 3 minutes a day to improve the function of a special group of muscles in your body that would enhance your sensual pleasure and at the same time increase your personal confidence??

“Our pelvic floor is a group of muscles. Just like other muscles in our body, they need to know how to rest and how to work. Because we can’t actually ‘see’ our pelvic floor muscles, we often forget they exist until they start to not work properly.” -Jana Danielson

Check out the video on the Cooch Ball Website for more info, and whatever you do…WHEN YOU GET YOUR COOCH BALL DON’T LET YOUR HUSBAND (or boyfriend, or brother, or dad…I think you my drift)  PUMP IT UP! Like seriously.  They won’t be able to stop themselves from pumping that sucker up until it’s ready to burst, and then you’ll be soooooo sorry…TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!  Pump it up yourself till it’s about 2/3’s (max 3/4’s) full.  Then your Cooch Ball will be just right, sort of like Goldilocks and that baby bears bed, to sit on.  Then set that timer for 3 minutes and sit. (If you can’t do 3 minutes from the get go, no worries, sit for as long as you can, and then add to your time each day.) Watch a YouTube video, file your nails, answer an email, do some deep breathing, order something from Amazon, have a cookie or 2 or half the package…I don’t care what you do during those three minutes, but just sit on the ball.  In about three weeks, you’ll thank me (unless you keep eating half a package of cookies each time)!

You’re Welcome 🙂

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