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0 thoughts on “Here Kitty Kitty Kitty…Great Videos for Cat Lovers

  1. LOL!!! The Kitties in these videos are SO FUNNY & full of personality! We have a little rescue kitty that lives with us. He is a hoot! I just love our little Puss puss. He came to us last year on May 1st so I tried to name him MAYnard. It did not catch on no one would call him by that name. Our granddaughter would try to get him to come to her by saying cmon pus pus kitty and he would come to her so that is what stuck. Our lives are richer for having him share our space.

  2. These videos are to adorable! I would love to strap on a kitty cam on my cats head to see where he goes to all day long & sometimes at night too! Thanks for sharing these cute vids!!

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