Here’s a List of What Could Be Keeping You Up At Night

Not being able to sleep at night can be frustrating to say the least. You may be super tired at work the next day and you may also need to take a ton of power naps just to get you through the day. This can lead to a ton of problems, including lack of concentration, drowsiness and even depression. If you can’t sleep at night then there is a high chance that you can find the reason why below.

That Late Cup Of Coffee

Here’s a List of What Could Be Keeping You Up At Night

If you spend all night tossing and turning but you don’t know why then think about the last time you had a cup of coffee. If you had it past 4pm then there is a high chance that this is the reason why. If you drink tea when it gets late at night instead of coffee because you think that it contains less caffeine, then this could also be the problem because it is still enough to keep you up at night. If you can get to sleep, but can’t stay asleep then caffeine could also be the reason why. Caffeine blocks adenosine, which is the body’s sleep-inducing agent.


A headache could be the reason why you can’t sleep at night. You may also be suffering from back pain or even joint problems. You might not always recognize that this is keeping you awake because the pain doesn’t need to be bad in order for it to disrupt your sleep. If you think that this could be the case then you should try and have a nice, warm shower before bed. When you do this, you can ease your muscles and your joints, not to mention that it can help you to unwind as well. If you think that your mattress is to blame then check out this avocado mattress review.

Room Temperature


A lot of people love to sleep in a cold room. Other people love warm rooms. Either way, your room temperature can play a huge part in whether or not you stay asleep. The sweet spot for sleeping tends to be around 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher or lower than this can really disrupt your sleep, so you will want to try and keep your thermostat in check.


Stress can keep you up at night as well. You may spend your time thinking about work, your relationship or even something that happened earlier that day. Either way, it’s amazing how much stress can have an impact on your routine. Stress can also spiral out of control. You may find that you constantly think about situations over and over again, and the whole thing is a vicious circle. This can really cause you anxiety and at times it may even lead to depression as well. If you want to stop all of this from happening, then you need to find ways of shutting your thoughts down. This could include reading a book before you go to bed or even listening to music. Whatever you can do to take your mind off something is worth doing, so find something that works for you and then stick to it.

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