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Holland House now has Cooking Wines.

I received a bottle of Red, White and Marsala, to use in my kitchen.  Wine has been used for marinating for a very long time.  Not only does it add flavor, but it helps to tenderize meats.  Wine can be used with chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetables,  Add it to gravies, soups, and sauces. Use it to saute meats and veggies, and in salad dressings. (And I guess some people may just take a swig or two, to keep them happy in the kitchen?)

The Holland House Cooking Wines come in 16oz. bottles.


One day last week, we hit a sale on top sirloin, and we purchased enough for several meals,, so I decided that this was a great time to try out the Holland House Red Cooking Wine. I cut the meat into thin strips and into chunks, and let the meat marinate over night.  I used the strips of meat for Bul Go Ghi and the chunks for beef stew. I have to admit that I was truly surprise at just how much richer the flavors were, of the completed dishes.  I used the red for these meals, but plan to use the Marsala (for chicken) and the White (for fish), in the very near future.

We scarfed down our meals so quickly, that I totally forgot to take any photos of the completed dishes. BUT, I also marinated some veggies and roasted them in the oven and I did remember to get a picture of that!


Doesn’t this look scrumptious!


hhcw 4

Juicy tender beef chunks, with onions, green and yellow bell peppers and grape tomatoes – marinated in Holland House Red Cooking Wine.  Seasoned with salt, white pepper, drizzles with a bit of olive oil and more Holland House Red Cooking Wine…then roasted in a 425 degree oven.

Heaven on a plate!

Head on over to Holland House and check out all the great Cooking Wines and Premium Vinegars that they offer. Be sure to check out all the recipes and meal planning videos while you’re there and sign up for the newsletter to receive money saving coupons and tips!

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Holland House Cooking Wines

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15 thoughts on “Holland House Cooking Wines

  1. Your dish does look quite delicious! I’ve never cooked with wine before. I know that a lot of people do. I hear it’s an excellent marinade! I’m going to have to give it a try and see how we like the taste. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us! I really appreciate it! Michele 🙂

  2. I have never used wine with cooking! Although I see it called for in a lot of recipes….These look like great types to try though. I will have to give it a shot!

  3. I have been cooking with Holland House cooking wines for years. I am a big fan and it definitely helps my recipes taste so much better.

  4. I will have to try these cooking wine. I was always told to only cook with wine you would drink. It never hurts to try it.

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