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How Can Sage Green Complement Your Dresses And Other Outfits

A color currently on trend and one that has been for quite some time is sage green. More women want to experience the vibe evoking emotions of tranquility and a sense of calm. This lovely color is associated with “renewal, growth, and balance.” It elicits an almost minimal quality and earthy feel.

The shade is not only gaining favor in the fashion industry, but it’s popular for accessories and with interior design. The hue complements anyone looking for a preferred style dress or another outfit in their favorite boutique; please click here for examples.

Because sage green is thought of as almost a neutral shade, virtually any other color can be worn with it, with wearers feeling confident and comfortable in their choices. Let’s look at the various shades and how they showcase the trendiest color on the market today.

How Do Other Colors Complement The Beauty Of Sage Green

The trendiest color in the fashion industry at the moment, really for a while, has been sage green. It’s so popular that it appears in accessories and interior design. When worn, the mood becomes serene and calm from the earthy and an almost minimal quality tone.

The hue is considered a neutral that can be worn by almost any skin tone and hair color and with practically all other colors, enhancing the shade further. Find a history on sage green at and then let’s look at various color combinations to see how these shades complement the color.

·        White will work with any color 

White epitomizes neutral, considered the palest but most lovely with sage green. Combining the two shades enhances the other’s attributes regardless of how you wear them. The best season to wear these together is in the warm months of spring and summer.

White is a fashion choice most associated with this time of year, with many pieces flowing and lightweight. Variations of the hue, like creams, also pair well with sage, while accessories can be unique colors from the neutral wheel to offset the outfit.

However, if you wear a white skirt with a sage top, a safe bet for shoes would be white to give the eye a nice flow. Go here to see what other hues will go with sage green clothing styles.

·        Gray offers a layer of versatility to the neutral family

Gray is a neutral that can be worn all year. When pairing it with sage green, the combination works in any season, with different shades of gray determining the best time to wear the outfit. For light hues, a sage green dress paired with a pale gray scarf will be ideal for summer.

Or you can wear a collared gray button-down over a sage t-shirt dress for a casual day out in the spring doing errands. Dark shades of gray will work in the fall and winter.

·        The color brown is another earth tone favored as a combination with sage

Sage green and brown are earth tones that are a favorite blend, particularly in the fall and again in the spring since they add to the brilliance of nature. The darker brown tones are ideal in fall, setting the tone for October and November’s festivities.

The nudes and beiges are a welcome sight in the spring after a long, cold winter season. It’s a refreshing combination reminiscent of renewal and growth, as seen with the buds on the trees and flowers blooming. w

A brunette with a medium skin tone can brilliantly pull off the sage green color with styled dresses specific to their body type, capturing the attention of those around them.

·        Black is a neutral not often seen in combination with sage green

While black is a neutral, it’s not one combined with sage green as often as other colors, but the two do play well in bringing out the brilliance of the other in the same way as white. No rules exist to prevent wearing the two colors together, and they do look good when paired, particularly in the cool or cold months.

Usually, if you can find a pattern with the two, it’s a winner, or choose a skirt or bottoms in one of the shades with the top in the other color. Shoes should be black with a different shade for the accessories to add a pop to the outfit.

It might not be everyone’s fan-favorite color combination choice, but it is indeed an option for people who love the two colors and want to mix them up.

·        Blues are not all compatible with the sage green color choice

Wearing sage green can mean you must forego a few shades in the blue family. Not all blue hues match with the grayish green. The ideal colors include pastel or muted tones, “bluish greens, and true-blue colors.” Brilliant blues and variations of it can clash with the paleness of the green.

Darker hues, however, in the navy family pair well with sage. This works well in the same way as black in the fall season. It’s also a favored combination with many bridal parties. Denim is also fine with sage green but in a more faded wash instead of the dark denim.

Accessories for blues with sage green could fall into the grays and browns as complimentary highlights.

Final Thought

Sage green is sought in the fashion world for the unique feeling it evokes. It can be paired with many other neutrals to further highlight the brilliance of the hue and bring out the attributes of the color it’s paired with. Some colors are more winning than others.

You’ll find the need to search for a specific blue to avoid the potential for clashing and to make the color work well together, including denim. The wash should be faded or pale instead of the dark denim, but you can wear it with navies and even black to add a touch of winter to your sage.

And if you want to keep your dress simple with the color as the focal point, wear it monochrome, top and skirt, jacket and pants, and dresses with a cardigan. You can never overdo sage green.

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