Large living room with sofa, table and chairs and wall unit -Fill An Excess Of Living Space

In this world, there are some problems we may not mind having. Being too stylish, for instance, or having too much good luck. Another one of these problems is having too much living space to easily fill. Not only does this provide a challenge in terms of how to decorate the room, but how to utilize it. Of course, your heating bills may increase on account of all of this space, but if you can afford a property of this caliber in the first place, odds are you’re quite happy to work around said issues.

The practical challenge here is figuring out just how to organize your room in a manner that looks both utilized but not overfilled, nor too blank. For instance, no matter how beautiful, high-quality and absolutely luxurious high end sectional sofas are, if you place them fifteen meters away from your 80” television and games console placement, odds are you’re going to have to squint.

So, how do you begin to decorate and plan this space? With our advice, we hope you can not only achieve this, but do so with confidence and taste. 

Let’s explore how to fill an excess of living space!

Split The Room Into ‘Zones’

Splitting your living area into ‘zones’ can be a great idea when you have too much room to play with. For instance, you may decide that in order to make the huge room more palatable both to the eyes and to your behavior, you structure your living environment in two-thirds of the room, and a small home gym in the remaining third. Little areas of use such as this, no matter what they are, can help you simply consider this large room an open plan environment, rather than feeling restricted by space.

Keep Things Centered & Symmetrical

It’s also important to keep things as centered and symmetrical as you can within the ‘zones’ you set up. For instance, a mirror may travel along one wall, but keeping each edge a similar distance to the side walls as possible can help it fit with the theme more. Evenly spacing out your wall art to make use of space and to prevent said decorations from seeming overly cluttered can also help. If you have a candle one side of the fireplace, try placing another candlestick on the other side. There’s something about even visual imagery that allows us to see a space as cohesive and tied together, rather than disparate, and this goes for extra-large rooms, too.

Greenery & ‘Low-Cost’ Decorations

You can fill a room without it seeming cluttered by choosing ‘low cost’ decorations that have a visual presence, but not a confusing visual impact. For instance, rugs may be considered low-cost decorations. Another great example is greenery, such as potted plants or wall gardens. Hung items, such as a hung instrument, ornate rifle or fishing rod above the mantelpiece, can also serve as a nice decoration without the room seeming cluttered. The more you can establish this kind of potential, the better your room will look, without seeming overdone.

With this advice, we hope you can easily fill that excess of living space.

How Do You Fill An Excess Of Living Space?

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