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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pergola?

If you have ever seen a pergola, you might start to think about what you might do if you had one. If you own a home and have a backyard, then buying one is a realistic prospect. You can always set up your house and yard any way you like, and that’s what’s so nice about being a property owner.

You may have spotted what you think is the best 12 x 16 pergola on the market. Before you start planning where to put it, though, you will likely want to answer the question of how much the average pergola costs. We will address that right now.

How Much Does the Average Pergola Cost?

There are several factors that will go into how much a pergola costs. That is because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different pergola designs and styles. They can be made of different building materials and come with various features that will make them more or less expensive.

The short answer is that a smaller, relatively simple pergola can be as little as a couple thousand dollars. The most expensive ones can be $10K or more. That means you can spend a relatively small amount on a diminutive pergola without any flashy features, or you can spend as much on one as you might on a decent used car.

How Big of a Pergola Do You Want?

The size of your pergola will understandably make a difference. If you buy a smaller one, you might spend $2-3K. If you want a larger one, you might spend in the $5-8K range.

Also, you must think about the building materials that make up your pergola. If you get one that’s built of a wood like cedar, that’s going to cost more than one made of aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, or some similar synthetic substance.

Are There Any Additional Fees Involved?

There are a couple of additional costs that you must factor in as well. Let’s say you are buying a pergola kit from Home Depot or one that will be sent through the mail. It might cost $2,000.

However, are you going to set up the pergola itself, or will you hire someone else to do it?

If you are not very good with tools, it might add some money to the total price if you hire a handyman to erect the pergola once the kit comes. That may cost another thousand dollars or more.

There is also the issue of whether you must pay your township or city a fee to install the pergola. In some cases, things like pergolas or sheds need to be registered or approved by the local government of the place you live. The fee to get a permit is seldom very much, but that must be added to the total price as well.

Usually, you can find a pergola at a price that works for you. They may seem luxurious, but you can generally find and install more modestly priced ones.

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