How to Choose Residential Boulder Co Painters?

Are you planning to improve the look of your home? A fresh coat of paint is usually sufficient to bring back your interior or exterior to life.

Nevertheless, outsourcing your painting project to the right professionals is of crucial importance. In order to avoid nightmare scenarios, you should invest plenty of time in hiring the perfect contractor. Start the hiring process with online research, followed by interviews and detailed quotes.

If looking for a Foothills Painting Boulder CO contractor, follow the tips below.

Understand your needs

The inceptive step of your hiring journey should be to understand your project needs and project scope. Most homeowners just know they require a paint job but fail to consider their specific home needs. The first choice to make is deciding between an interior and exterior painting contractor.

Sometimes, homes have structural issues to address prior to commencing a painting project, such as damaged siding or moisture. If having such concerns, you’ll probably have to hire other experts to take care of them first. By addressing such issues, homeowners not only save precious time but prevent unexpected surprises along the way.

Conduct online research

After addressing the most important considerations related to the condition of your walls, the following step to take is conducting online research. While asking for recommendations from trusted friends is always a good idea, they’re supposed to be backed up by online research. For instance, even if your aunt loved the paint job of a particular painter on her house, you should still check the opinion of other individuals online about the same contractor.

It’s absolutely important for the contractor you hire to be experienced in working on your house type due to the difference in panting vintage and modern homes. Check out the difference between modern and traditional homes. Some residential painters in Boulder specialize in painting vintage houses, while others are more proficient in painting modern homes. Fortunately, the selection of online reviews is extensive; the most reliable of which is posted on Google and Yelp.

Given the sea of online reviews, you should be careful when looking for opinions of real customers you can trust. You should make a difference between detailed and vague reviews, as the former clearly show that the customer writing the review had genuinely hired the company. These individuals usually offer detailed descriptions and provide excellent insight into the job performance of the painting contractor.

As far as Yelp is concerned, it puts a priority on reviews by regular reviewers while burying those from non-habitual reviewers at the bottom. Nevertheless, you’re encouraged to go through these reviews, as these customers were usually motivated by a surprisingly good or terrible experience to write a review, thus providing honest feedback.

When it comes to bad reviews, it’s important to look for replies from the owner of the company.  The provided response might shed some light on what went wrong with the service. Besides providing responses to negative reviews, panting contractors saying “thank you” on positive reviews demonstrate superb customer service.

Once you have done checking the reviews, it’s time to visit the website of the company. Homeowners can learn valuable information just by looking at the sites of painting contractors. The first thing to look for on a residential painter’s website is the portfolio of past projects.

The photographs of different projects should feature close-ups and progress shots for potential customers to get an idea of how the entire company process works. The images should also serve as evidence that the team of painters uses the right equipment and adheres to safety protocols. Additionally, the site should also feature photographs of the crew members and their biographies.

Another thing you can check online is whether the painting contractor is certified to handle lead paint. This information can be verified by looking the company up on the lead paint certified database from EPA. Houses built prior to 1978 are likely to have lead paint, which must be handled by professionals to avoid health risks. The following link,, explains more about the testing and removal of lead paint.

Professional House Painter on a Ladder

Interview the painting contractors

After narrowing down the number of Boulder residential painters through your online research, you should schedule appointments with each of them. These meetings can be considered as interviews, as you are able to communicate your expectations while learning about the contractor. The best location for having such an appointment is definitely your home.

In order for residential painters to provide homeowners with an estimate, they should walk around the property, point out problematic areas, and be clear about your project expectations. It’s important for the painter to spend sufficient time assessing your home and noticing issues like paint buildup, moisture, etc. Reputable painting contractors offer detailed descriptions, not general statements.

Ask for a detailed proposal

After the interviews with residential painters, each of them should provide you with a detailed proposal. It’s important to have every detail in writing, which was discussed during the interviews, as you might forget what each contractor said. Every proposal should include details about the work process, material quantity, rates, and type of paint.

Moreover, the description of the painting process should be broken down into phases and areas. For exterior projects, painters should include the methods and materials for prep work, including sanding, caulking, grinding, etc. The number of paint coats should be included as well. Also, these professionals should estimate the hours spend on a particular area in the house.

In addition, the rates of residential painters in Boulder are important as well. These include either rates per hour or material cost. They should also include the recommended paint type and the coat number. When comparing quotes, you might notice huge differences in requirements, such as one painter recommending eight cans of paint, whereas another just three.

Final word

The best residential painters should be skilled and experienced in working on different projects.

Hire the most reliable one in Boulder!

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