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How to Cook the Perfect Beef Steak

If you’re a meat lover, knowing how to cook perfect beef steaks is a valuable skill. But mastering the art of the perfect steak is not easy. From choosing the right cut to setting the correct cooking temperature, there are many details to consider. Thankfully, the learning curve is small. You can learn to prepare juicy beef steaks in no time.

Read on to learn our tips and tricks for cooking perfect beef steak every time.

Choose Premium Quality Beef

An essential tip for cooking the perfect beef steak is to choose the beef carefully. There is a significant difference in terms of nutritional content, flavor, and tenderness between different meats, depending on what the animals are fed. When you buy premium quality, award-winning beef like motobu gyu, you can expect an enhanced flavor and more tenderness. But when buying from random producers, you’re more likely to get mixed results in the kitchen. To avoid disappointment and enjoy a juicy and tender steak, choose premium quality beef.

Learn About Different Cuts

As a steak lover, you’ve noticed that different cuts of steak deliver a different experience when it comes to tenderness and flavor. To make sure you get the results you expect, choose the cut based on your personal preference. For example, sirloin and fillet are tender prime steaks, but sirloin has more flavor than fillet. For barbecue, bavette and flank steak are great value for money. Another example of a difference is that fillet is best served rare, while sirloin is best served medium-rare.

Learn About Cooking Options

There are four popular ways to cook the perfect steak. You can cook your beef steak on the grill, in the oven, in a frying pan, or sous vide. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional in the kitchen, you can easily master all four cooking methods. Choose the option that is most convenient to you. If you choose to fry your steak, consider using a thick-based frying pan or cast-iron skillet because these retain heat for longer. Your steak will cook evenly and have an appetizing smoky finish. Importantly, don’t squeeze the steaks into the cooking pan or oven container. Use sunflower or vegetable oil as cooking fat since these don’t have any flavor.

Add Seasoning

Some beef lovers don’t like to add other seasonings besides salt and pepper because this type of steak already has a rich flavor. An important rule to remember is to add salt one or two hours before cooking. This way, the steak absorbs the salt evenly. If you prefer a richer seasoning, a marinade will enhance the flavor of the steak and make it more tender. Balsamic vinegar, teriyaki marinade, garlic cloves, or aromatic herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary are great options for seasoning.

Every steak lover has personal cooking techniques that they’ve mastered directly in the kitchen. If you find it challenging to cook a perfect steak each time, find advice on beef cuts and cooking times to achieve better results. Use the tips above to learn to cook like a pro.


How to Cook the Perfect Beef Steak

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