How to Ensure You’re Successful in Your Online Degree Program

Are you currently enrolled or about to be enrolled in an online degree program? Online studies have hit new levels of interest over the past few years as students realize just how flexible and convenient they can be. With costs also being an issue for many students, they are realizing that online studies can often end up being more affordable. So, now that you’ve decided an online degree is right for you, what are the steps you can take to ensure you’re successful?

Here are some great tips that will help keep you on track with your studies.

Practice Excellent Time Management Skills

One of the first things online students notice is that time management skills will be incredibly important in online studies. Because so much of it is independent learning and assignments, you have to be firm about putting aside enough time to get the work done. Learning and studying from home can also be very distracting, so you’ll want to start on the right foot and keep it that way.

Here are a few tips you can use to improve your time management skills:

  • · Create a weekly schedule
  • · Create a list of priorities · Use a scheduling app to set reminders
  • · Study at the same time each day – making a habit
  • · Don’t try to multitask
  • · Finish one task before moving to the next
  • · Stop procrastinating

Create a Dedicated Study Space in the Home

Speaking of distractions, this is exactly why you want to set up a home office. It should be separate from other areas of the home so that you can get away from distractions. Ideally, it would be a room with a door such as a spare room. If that’s not possible, choose a non-busy area in the house and let others know if you are in that space, you aren’t to be disturbed.

Look into Student Resources Offered Online

It’s also important to look into what your particular school offers in terms of online student resources. Some may be general resources, whereas others may be targeted to your specific program. Northern Michigan University online programs are not only highly reputable, but you’ll find a wealth of useful information on its student resources webpage. This is a great example of a school taking the steps to ensure all students feel supported and have the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in their studies.

Join or Create a Study Group

Study groups can also be a huge benefit to online students. You’ll have a chance to converse with other students, ask questions and challenge each other to look at different concepts and ideas. There tend to be existing study groups you can join, and if you don’t find one, why not start your own? Again, this can be done online, so there is no need to go anywhere.

Using these tips will help you in your online degree program, making sure you have the best chance possible to succeed. Remember, this is your future career you are preparing for, so it’s well worth the effort.

16 thoughts on “How to Ensure You’re Successful in Your Online Degree Program

  • I love your list. A study space is a must. My issue is with procrastinating.

  • Some great tips for online learners. I love the idea of creating a study group!

  • Great tips for for those working on an online degree. I’ve been a homeschooling mama for almost 20 years and we use these tips for that as well. Dedicated spaces & time management are HUGE.

  • I so need this as I will be enrolling in online school soon. I want to earn my business degree,

  • These are all great tips! I would add not to join an online degree program when you have two kids in diapers. Ha! That’s what I attempted to do years ago, note the “attempted” word.

  • I did most of my degree online. It was a ton of work but so worth it. For my bachelors degree, I did a ton of writing and projects.

  • It’s true that studying from home can be challenging due to distractions, and your tips on creating a schedule, prioritizing tasks, and avoiding multitasking are incredibly helpful.

  • This will be helpful to my daughter as she will start her online school next semester. Thank you so much for this!

  • Your tips for online degree success were fantastic! I found the guidance clear and actionable. It made me feel more confident about my journey. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights; they’re going to be a big help.

  • Great tips! I’m sure a lot of people can use this info right now!

  • My son is going to school online and I agree with you 100%! I can’t wait to share your post with him! Thanks for the great information!

  • Practicing time management skills is the most important part. It’s fundamental to start with that!

  • Thanks for sharing this great post with us, it’s very informative

  • I imagine that online degrees have their own set of challenges, especially since things are virtual and it could be difficult to do proper time management. These are great points!

  • my first things to work on will be to avoid procrastination and the need to ensure a distraction free zone for myself for sure ..

  • The procrastinating part is the most different. 😀 Once you get over it then you’re good. Thanks for the great tips!


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