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A clean office is essential for the reputation of your business. An untidy office can be seen as careless and this can break the trust your customers or clients have for you. It could also affect the well-being and productivity of your employees. Keeping the office clean, therefore, is not an option – it’s a requirement. One of the steps you can take to achieve this is by hiring professional office cleaners. But how can you find the right office cleaning services in Sydney Australia? Consider the following tips.

List Down Your Needs

How big is your office space? Do your floors have carpeting? Do you hold meetings with people from outside regularly? What are your working hours? If you have a big office space, then you should hire an office cleaning service that has a big team. If your floors have carpeting, you should hire cleaners who have expertise in carpet cleaning. Assessing your needs is important because it helps you choose the cleaning company that is best suited for your business.

Know What to Look for – ABN and Insurance

When registering a business, whether as a sole trader or company, you are required to obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN). Thus, this is one of the key things you should look for when hiring a professional cleaning service for your office. The registration is one of the indications that the cleaners is legitimate. However, note that they could have an ABN and still do a bad job. Thus, ABN should just be one of the factors, not the only factor you check when searching for office cleaning services in Sydney Australia.

Next, consider insurance. Insurance is very important for any service provider who comes to your premises. With insurance, you won’t have to bear the cost of any property damage and injuries that may happen when the service provider is in your office. The two key insurance covers you should check for when hiring professional cleaners for your business include public liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Finally, at the time of hiring, make sure to check for any guidelines for cleaners set by local authorities in your area. Only hire companies that meet such requirements.

Search the Internet or Ask for Referrals

Now that you know your needs, and the qualifications you should be looking for, the next step is to look for office cleaning services that meet the two. You can do this in two ways:

  • Ask for referrals: Do you have friends in business who are already using these services? Feel free to call them up and ask for their service provider’s contacts. You can also ask other service providers that you are working with for references. For instance, the garbage collection company you use can refer you to some cleaners they know.
  • Search the internet: This is the other method you can use to find potential cleaning service providers. When you search for office cleaners in your area on the search engine, you will be able to see service providers who have been listed on major directories such as Google My Business as well as those who have websites and social media pages. Alternatively, you can make use of websites such as that list the most reputable office cleaning services. On the website, you can preview the service providers in your area and post a job on the platform to get quotes. The key benefit of using such sites is that they save time for you.

Check the Reputation, Expertise and Compare Quotes

It’s always advisable to do some research on their reputation. Online reviews are a good starting point. Check to see if the business has been reviewed by their past customers and what the customers had to say. Good reviews can be an indication that the service provider is worth hiring. Next, talk to the service provider, on phone or in person. How do they address you? How long do they take to respond to your phone call? Are they confident about the nature of the services they offer? How long have they been in operation? What kind of businesses do they serve?

Compare quotes from reputable service providers who meet your requirements. By comparing quotes, you will find the company with the best rates. When comparing quotes, you’ll want to look into the details such as a breakdown of a materials.

Once you find the ideal office cleaning service in Sydney Australia, ensure you thoroughly read through the contract before signing. Also, don’t forget to have a discussion on emergency services or any other extra work that may come about. If you have a long-running contract, go through the contract with your company’s lawyer to avoid signing a disadvantageous agreement. If all is clear, the service provider can  get to work and provide a clean and reputable working environment


How to Find Office Cleaning Services Sydney Australia

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