How To Keep Your Gadgets Protected And Safe

Not many of us can fathom a life without our electronic partners to keep us sane.  We use our mobile phones to order groceries and even our fridges can tell us now when the milk is going to go sour, but not many of us put too much thought towards adequate protection of the self-same gadgets that keep our lives running like clockwork.

So, we’ve done the work for you and here’s your guide to preserving the gadgets that preserve your status, as the “domestic goddess”.

How To Keep Your Gadgets Protected And Safe


Did you know that many insurance providers that currently cover home contents insurance have built-in provisions that cover your gadgets too? But, some do not so don’t assume that that’s the case and think you’re covered when you may not be.  Check-in with your broker or financial planner to read through the policy wording of your current cover.  You might think that the “add on” costs are not worth it, but do you have a few thousand dollars lying about you know, just in case?


We all know how important screen protectors are and yet American consumers still spend a system-jolting $3.4Billion every year on replacing damaged and cracked screens.  Never mind cellphone casings lost to chips and nicks.  To protect your device with a stylish cell phone holster.


It’s taken for granted.  Have device, will charge it.  But what happens when your charging cable has been worn through and is now more of an electrical hazard than a source of energy?  It’s an overlooked practice, but take care to store and “wind” your cables up properly.  They’re an unnecessary and costly expense to replace when paying some mind towards their maintenance is so easy.


True, modern-day devices come with so many built-in protections that it’s often easy to overlook that these are not always adequate.  So make sure that you regularly check your computer and mobile phones protection levels.  Especially if you’re the kind of Mom that runs your life and your business from home, investing in good antivirus software is a drop in the ocean compared to the damage that can be wrought by hackers and fails in security systems.


Right up there with cell phone holsters, this “accessory” is more than just a fashion statement (although that doesn’t hurt), shoving your camera into an  “all-purpose” travel bag is not going to offer much protection for the lenses or camera casing when being handled by airport security or baggage handlers.  Nothing says spoilt holiday or business trip more than having to shell out potentially thousands of dollars to replace damaged lenses or gear.

It’s always a good idea to take care of your gadgets and maintain their “as new” status for as long as possible.  So have a read here for some easy tips on how to do this.  It won’t just preserve their life spans, it will also preserve their resale value later on.


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