Neutral living dining and kitchen in apartment-Make Your Home Look Expensive, Inexpensively

Thanks to the pandemic, we are spending more time at home than ever before. Our homes should be a place of comfort, and somewhere we can feel happy and safe from all of life’s current uncertainties. Therefore, given the current situation, there has never been a more perfect time to make some home improvements to elevate our environments while adding more value.

So instead of depleting your savings account, consider the following three simple ways to transform and make your home look expensive, inexpensively

Install some molding

Installing moldings throughout your home is an excellent way of making your home look more expensive and polished, without actually having to go through any structural renovations. Considered the icing on the cake in terms of interior décor, molding can make any room look instantly chic, and are especially great for larger spaces to create a seamless continuity between ceilings and walls. Incredibly versatile, you can also add installations to columns, various walls and chair rails to create an elegant feel throughout your space. While white tends to be the most classic option, you can also paint your molding to match the style of your home and give it a hint of personality. 

Maximize with some reflective surfaces

An inexpensive way to transform a room quickly, reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass tables and metallic and glass accessories are a great way to upgrade your home with minimal effort. Mirrors are famous for making any space appear larger, especially when positioned strategically and are the perfect solution for creating the appearance of extra space in smaller homes, or those who want to create a brighter room. It is essential to pay attention to the size of and frame as both can make a dramatic difference in effect, and make sure to go for a style that matches the décor throughout the rest of your home. Old antique-looking mirrors in stunning gold, brass or silver frames are currently very much on-trend and would make for a beautiful statement piece in the house. 

A fresh lick of paint

A fresh paint job will go a long way to inject some new life into the home. Creating a coherent and matching color palette with some neutral base layers is a great way to make any space look instantly expensive and stylish. Classic, versatile and timeless, neutrals will stand the test of time and will also brighten up any room, providing the perfect foundation for you to play around with vibrant accessories should you wish to add pops of color. While it is advisable to stick with light colors, don’t be afraid to turn to the dark side and go for a bold and daring accent wall in a rich forest green or a sophisticated navy. These two colors have taken over walls and cabinets this year and are a color trend that’s set to stay long into 2021, and with good reason.


How To Make Your Home Look Expensive, Inexpensively

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