How to Pick the Right Clothes for Your Body Type

Finding the perfect outfits like those from camilla and marc au, for your body type is challenging. For a lot of people, picking out their clothes in the morning is one of the most annoying tasks they have to deal with for the day.

By understanding which type of fashion choices are best suited for you and your physique, the time for doubts and hesitation can finally come to an end. Finding comfortable organic cotton clothing will also make fashion choices easier! Continue reading to learn more about dressing for your body type.

The Four Common Body Types

Before we go ahead and explain what goes well with one’s body shape, it’s important to first go into a brief description of common body types women have:

  •  Apple shape – larger bust with narrowing hips
  •  Hourglass – same size chest and bottom, and the waist is smaller than both
  •  Pear shape – hips and butt are wider and rounder, while the chest is smaller
  •  Rectangle – bust, waist, and bottom are all of equal sizes

How to Pick the Right Clothes for your Body Type

Now that you know of the four basic body shapes, it’s time we give you an in-depth look into styling, and making the right choices that are best suited to you and your body type.

For Apple shape

Among the most common body types is the apple body type. This means you have a fairly large chest size while your waist and buttocks are smaller in comparison.

For this type, look for clothes that highlight your hips and legs and downplay your upper body. One way to do this is by wearing a bra that minimizes the appearance of your chest. In doing so, this will help to provide a bit more balance to your figure.

What to Wear

  •  A-line skirts
  •  Skinny jeans
  •  High waisted bottoms
  •  Ruched bottoms
  •  Long sleeve tops
  •  V-neck, scoop neck tops
  •  Tops with narrow bodices

For Hourglass

If your chest and buttocks are of the same size and you have a waist that’s smaller, you have an hourglass shape. Hourglass shaped body types are generally the easiest to dress. Overall, most

styles of clothes look flattering on hourglass figures, though there are some recommended pieces to wear.

What to Wear


  •  Bodycon dress
  •  Tight fit shirt
  •  Fitted jumpsuits
  •  Crop top
  •  Skinny or bootcut jeans
  •  Fitted jean shorts
  •  Fitted skirts

For Pear shape

If your bust and waist are of the same size, and you have larger buttocks, then you have a pear-shaped body.

We recommend wearing clothes that draw attention to the torso. In doing so, the eyes aren’t easily averted to the bottom half, and you can instead balance the look out by making it appear like your chest is slightly larger.

What to Wear

  •  Low neckline tops and dresses
  •  Tops with frills or multiple layers
  •  Dark colored jeans
  •  Flared or wide leg pants, trousers

For Rectangle shape

If your bust, hips, and bottom are all equally sized, you have a rectangle body type. This body type requires that you draw attention to the waist by cinching it or making it appear narrower. This illusion creates balance and makes you appear to have a figure similar to an hourglass.

What to Wear

  •  Scoop-neck tops
  •  Cowl neck tops
  •  Turtleneck tops
  •  Body hugging dress
  •  Fitted jumpsuit with a belt
  •  High-waisted skirt
More Tips on How to Dress Yourself

If you’re still not sure how best to put together an outfit, then here are some more tips on how to dress yourself.

  •  Pay Attention to How the Fabric Falls: If the garment appears to be hugging you in all the right places, regardless of your body type, then trust your gut and wear the clothing.
  •  Wear it if it Makes You Feel Good: What are fashionable clothes for if they don’t give you the confidence to power through each day? Disregard the fashion rules if what you want to wear makes you most like yourself.


No two people have the exact same body type. With that said, while there may be categories and recommendations for what to style your shape with, fashion is fashion. These are all merely suggestions and nothing should be holding you back if you want to wear something that goes against them.

At the end of the day, it’s only you who can make yourself feel the most confident. So, go ahead and do your thing!

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